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Aug 22, 2007 03:20 PM

Magnolia Cafe in Horsham

A friend has suggested meeting up at the Magnolia Cafe in Horsham. Has anyone been there before and would recommend it?


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  1. I'll be eagerly awaiting a reply to this one. . . I have seen that place for years and wondered about it!

    1. So, my friends and I ate at Magnolia Cafe last night and I thought I'd reply to my original post for janiceliv.

      It was a really small cafe in a strip mall and once you stepped into the restaurant you forgot about the other attached stores. It's a small restaurant and the reservations fill up quickly. It appeared that they only had one shift of customers for the night (maybe two on Saturday?) so it was really quiet and cozy. The food was incredible. Appetizers: We had calamari that looked more like popcorn shrimp and was fantastic; a Kobe slider that was basically a mini-hamburger and was quite tasty and finished off with crab macaroni and cheese that was more like a delicate, light pasta with a hint of romano cheese and large chunks of crab placed around the outside of the plate.

      Salads tried were spinach with honey walnuts, blue cheese, red onion and dried figs as well as fresh mozzarella and tomatos. Both were good, but I heard the latter was preferred in the other couple's plate switch exercise.

      Dinner was fantastic. I had lasagna, which sounds way more boring than it was! Tuna, T-bone steak and the strip steak were all well received.

      Dessert was a flourless torte that went over really well at our table. Both couples ordered the same item, but the server mentioned that the bread pudding was their most popular dessert item for future reference.

      Dinners were in the $20-30 range and I can't remember prices for the rest though it was all reasonable and mid-range.

      As mentioned earlier, since there was only one seating we quickly forgot there were other people in the restaurant even though the tables were really close together. We had the first reservations and closed the place down over three hours later.. Must have been the great food and company. I would recommend this place.

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        Thank you for letting me know! My husband and I will definitely try this place - your review was mouth-watering!

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          OMG, Im sorry I m seeing the original post a week later. The food at Magnolia Cafe is superb. I was there 2 weeks ago (3rd time there) and like my prior visits, it was perfect. The owner Steve, came out and introduced himself...I called him the "cook" OUCH!! He laughed and said you mean "chef"...How embarassed I was...he was very friendly and down to earth..His wife was our server...I really liked the whole feeling there......My personal favorite is their version of Veal Scalliopine...this place is a gem!

      2. Just ate their last nite, but place is a little tacky inside. I personally like Carombola's and Cravings Cafe better, plus the ambiance is better too.

        The food was very good and the service.