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Aug 22, 2007 02:40 PM

What About Felix's........Friend Of Mine......

Friend of mine just called and said the oytsters were preshucked and plain and service was not good at all. What's a better place. I know Acme is good but I always thought Felix's was best and Acme got the overflow.

Are there any other great oyster bar's in NO. Thanks.

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  1. Pascale's Manale has a great oyster bar as does Cassamento's.

    1. Could he has meant Felix's Uptown? It's true that they don't shuck to order, but the French Quarter location used to. Of course, their shuckers weren't very good, so I always got shell in my oyster.

      The Bourbon House is a great oyster bar, although it's expensive. Casamento's, which reopens in early September, is another good option. The oyster bar at Pascal's Manale is great. Grand Island by Harrah's has a nice oyster bar. Also, Cooter Brown's is a good place for beer and oysters.

      1. Also, Friday nights 6-8 at Le Bon Temps they have free oysters shucked in front of you...they are pretty good too.

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          Umm. There are a reason those oysters are free at the Bon Temps. Casmentos, Felix's, or Drago's if you want to make the hike to Fat City. Acme is a trap/chain. The oysters are ok, but you will be elbow to elbow with god-awful tourists. If you are in the quarter and dont mind spending, the Bourbon House is excellent -- sit at the bar or you will be looking down the barrel of a $200 check.

          1. re: mythomane

            I have lived here less than a year. Not being from this area, I have been curious about negative comments about tourists. It seems to me that the ecomony of New Orleans depends heavily on the "god-awful" tourists. Would the great resturants of New Orleans thrive with only local patrons? Not intending to be critical.......Just truly wondering.......

            1. re: southerngal

              As someone who works in the Quarter, I can assure you that it's far more god-awful to walk through streets devoid of visitors than to rub elbows with out-of-towners at Acme.

              1. re: southerngal

                Many people that visit New Orleans aren't there so much for the food (though there are some that are) but instead are there to "party down." Gratefully, most of them never make it past Bourbon Street, let alone the French Quarter. The economy that is New Orleans has never been flush. It is a poor city, separated from the rest of the country not only spiritually, but until the early 70s by very real geographical barriers. We are a port city for sure, but one whose character tends to assimilate rather than bend with forces from the outside. In my opinion, a good traveler not only accepts these differences but embraces them. Having been a concierge in the Quarter for many years I am more than familiar with the ugly breed of tourist that visits New Orleans, and for my part can do without them. The restaurants, being as good as they are, will not suffer much from losing that kind of business.
                Uptownlibrarian: I prefer a cool empty street to one full of tourists. I think that is a matter of personal opinion.
                As far as the oysters at the bon temps -- they are free because they are second rate. I love the bon temps. It is a great place to get drunk and see live music. I lived directly across the street for years. The bar was, effectively, my patio. The food, however, is not so hot. In my youth I would myself eat those oysters, but with age comes some wisdom. Oysters are like loaded guns. They are not to be played with.

                1. re: mythomane

                  well, say what you will about the oysters at le bon temps, but I stand by them. Maybe it's been quite a few years since you've been and at that time they were second rate. I don't eat food that is second rate.

              2. re: mythomane

                and what is that reason that you think???

                I know the shucker and they have turned away oysters several times since they weren't to standard. They are perfectly fine oysters, very briney and big (which I like them big).

            2. We've had them shucked to order standing at the oyster bar at Felix's uptown as well as in FQ. Casamento's' is a good choice and if you're in Metairie, Bozo's bests them all. They also have an outstanding oyster po'boy ...IMHO, the best.

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