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Aug 22, 2007 02:39 PM

Breakfast near 48th and 8th

Any suggestions for good breakfast near 48th and 8th?

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    1. re: brendastarlet

      I'll give a vote to Pigalle here too. We eat brekfast there every once in a while and haven't been disappointed with the egg dishes. I also love the matzoh brei at Edison Cafe (47th between 8th and Broadway), as well. We've written about both places and dishes, if you're interested in seeing photos.



      1. re: brendastarlet

        Just came from breakfast at Pigalle. Eggs Benedict, Natural Yoghurt and fresh Grapefuit juice. First the gripes, the yogurt came with a piece of bacon and a couple bits of other things scattered around the top, the juice was warm and in general the waiters were a little sloppy in both actions and dress. It's certainly a diner atmosphere. This place is well established and seems to be popular. The eggs with the Benedict were perfectly poached, and just to get the same eggs I'd go there again. The ham so so, and the sauce great. I'd recommended it overall. Westway is another place I've eaten at, and is more of a pure diner than Pigalle, and like the wait staff at Pigalle, somewhat sloppy.

        1. re: chocolatechip

          I second Blue Fin, love the pancakes!

        2. if you're looking for diner options that won't break the bank, try 9th avenue:

          westway @ 43rd
          galaxy @ 46th
          route 66 @ 55th

          & there's always amy's bread @ 47th, for awesome baked goods & coffee

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          1. re: holland_oats

            In the interest of preventing a dining disaster, I'll add that Galaxy is about the most bipolar restaurant in Hell's Kitchen--some meals are decent while others are truly awful. Westway is better (except their watery salads), and Route 66 is about as good as Westway.

            If a diner is what you're after, Renaissance (on 9th/52nd) is consistently good. Just avoid the blueberry waffles, as the blueberries are not baked into the batter.



          2. There's a fantastic new side-street restaurant on 51st between 9th and 10th: Cafe Forant. It has wonderful French (and French-inspired) dishes, a casual atomsphere (it seats about 4 people inside and another 8 or so on the street) and friendly owners.

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            1. re: adam_b_munching

              This thread is making me sound like a curmudgeon, but I'd avoid Cafe Forant as well--we wrote about it several months ago with photos if you're interested in having a look. Good muffins, very friendly owners, but the food isn't very good on the whole.



              1. re: Nosher

                I'd give Cafe Forant another try. I eat there 1-2 times a week and the food is always excellent. I think they probably do the best brunch in Hell's Kitchen. I read your review and when you write of their food it almost sound like your talking about a different restaurant. However, I do agree that Lea and Carolyn are very friendly.

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