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Cream chipped beef

What diners or restaurants in the Philadelphia area including Berks and Lancaster Counties have the best cream chipped beef on their breakfast menus?

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  1. The best I've ever had is at the Dutch Eating Place in the Reading Terminal Market. They use corned beef and put it over potatoes. Delicious!!!!

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      Actually I like Stouffer's Frozen Chipped Beef over an English Muffin better than the Dutch Eating Place. While I like their potatoes I think the Chipped Beef has too much sauce and not enough beef. Anyway, before anyone makes a negative comment try the Stouffers some time

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        I'm with you on the Stouffers! And, the Dutch place has too much cream sauce and not enough meat, you are correct. Plus, the sauce tastes floury to me, and kind of flat.

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          Stouffers or Myers on a toasted and buttered English muffin with sliced hard boiled egg and peas - My guilty pleasure comfort food when no one else is home and the weather is cold and damp.

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            While I still stand firmly by my Dutch place favoritism, I definitely will have to try the Stouffers for a quick fix at home.

      2. Melrose Diner makes a fine cream chipped beef.

        1. Manayunk Diner has a pretty good version.

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            My house. Special ingredients to the recipe: a can of slice waterchestnuts, plus nice dollup of sherry and Hungarian paprika. Only kidding; I'll try some of those other places sometime. Great question.

          2. personally, mine is a random choice. while i do love the chipped beef at melrose and the dutch diner at reading terminal, the best that i've had lately is at a 'diner' in fishtown called ida mae's (not sulimay's). it is absolutely delicious and perfect, right amount of creaminess, savory flavor, just perfect. i always went to melrose growing up (being a south philly gal) but my boyfriend moved to port richmond and this place is close to his house. YUM! they also do a yummy beans on toast since they are an irish and american brunch place (soon to be opening for dinner) but their pancakes = boo. sulimay's on the other hand makes my favorite pancakes in the city.

            yeah, long, mainly irrelevant reply. :) but ida mae's s.o.s. kicks major ass!

            1. Southwark has it for Sunday brunch, and they actually dry their own beef. However, I remember it not being quite salty enough (about half the things I've had there have had the same problem).

              Strangely, I remember liking IHOP's creamed chipped beef better than that of many local diners, though I probably haven't had it in at least 5 years.

              1. DK Diner in West Chester and Hank's Place on US1 on the way to Chadds Ford

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                  Thanks for the tip about Hank's. I can't ever recall having their creamed chipped beef so I will make it a point to order it next time I'm there. I usually go for the corned beef hash, which you should definitely try. And their pancakes. I'm pretty sure Penn's Table in West Chester, another of my favorite breakfast spots, has CCB on the menu so I will do a comparison tasting and get back to you. Yes, the Stouffer's variety believe it or not is very very good.

                2. I'm always afraid to order it a restaurant for fear it won't live up to my mother's version.

                  1. I would say skip the cream chipped beef at Little Petes in CC. It is a large portion but a thick gloppy mess.

                    1. Thank you for all who replied.
                      Some of my favorites are:
                      1. Ray's Malt Shop on Germantown Pike and DeKalb Pike outside Norristown.
                      2. My fav used to be the Main Street Grille in Fraser on Lancaster Avenue but they have significantly cut down on the quantity of dried beef. Still worth a try.
                      3. The relic known as the Fraser Diner on Lancaster Avenue a 1/2 block from the Main Street Grille is good for the price.

                      I agree with comments about Stouffer's. It is at least a B+. I can usually tell when a restaurant is passing it off as their own.
                      DK Diner in West Chester has small portions of dried beef in theirs.

                      I have read about Ida Mae's and plan on a visit.

                      1. 2 diners with very good cream chipped beef.
                        The Meadows in Blackwood, NJ (They can do it over homeade biscuits too) - Great Diner
                        The Court House Diner in Media.

                        1. Two great places: Mercer St. Cafe in Port Richmond (3300 Mercer & E. Westmoreland St.). I think they use evaporated milk in their cream chipped beef. Pete's Clown House, 3800 Frankford Ave. (Frankford & Pike Sts.)

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                            Cross Keys Diner in Doylestown has good chipped beef, if you're in the area and have a hankering. I think different people look for different qualities in chipped beef, though, so I guess it depends what kind you like.

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                              I've been to Hank's and I agree. They skimp on the beef.

                          2. Went to Hank's over the weekend. Had the cream chipped beef over home fries. Fries were good. The chipped beef? Eh! Not enough beef to suit my tastes and the cream gravy was sorta gloppy. Oh, well, I'll just stick to their corned beef hash and pancakes.

                            1. i have eaten s.o.s. at many dinners and other places and the best around is exetre family dinner on 422 business in exeter.

                              1. penrose makes a good one too.

                                1. The Olympic Diner in Clifton Heights has the BEST Cream chipped Beef I have ever ingested.I moved to the northwest a few years back and i have YET to find SOS aside from Stouffers and even that is difficult to find. I think I need to move back to PHilly because I miss the FOOD.

                                  1. The best creamed chipped beef anywhere used to be served at a diner on the corner of 19th & Spruce many years ago. The recipe had secret spices that the cook there would not disclose

                                    1. tom jones diner in chester county!