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Aug 22, 2007 01:51 PM

New Restaurant: Arrabiata (old Living Well location)

A quick note that the Living Well Café near Yonge & Charles has undergone a transformation to a casual-looking Italian restaurant named Arrabiata. The menu is quite reasonable in price ($10-15 for entrées), but of unknown quality. They are savvy enough to seat their customers at the window, to draw attention of passerby.

Does anyone have any food insights? I'll probably go there at some point, but I'm hoping someone already has.

An aside, I'm surprised at how quickly the transition happened, which suggests to me that the ownership has not changed. Whether that's good or bad I leave to you.

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  1. or they just did a sugar coat with a new sign and a coat of paint...

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    1. re: OnDaGo

      Possibly. Though, they probably re-did the menu too. I don't remember them having so much Italian food on it before. I think it was more standard fare (burgers, stir fry's, etc.).

    2. Bumping this thread because I ate their recently. They started us off with some bread that was surprisingly warm and crusty. We ordered a margarita pizza and seafood pasta. Pizza was decent, but the pasta dish was a star. The service was very friendly and accommodating when we asked to make a couple substitutions.

      If you're in the area and you feel like pasta, I definitely recommend that you give this place a shot.