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Aug 22, 2007 01:42 PM

Has anyone tried Kaya in Porter sq lately?

I have started walking in area and always wanted to go. The outdoor seating and overall look is pretty interesting. But I have heard such a mishmash of service and food reviews.
Any recent visits?

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  1. Went last month on a day nothing else besides Christopher's was open. Wrong choice. Should have ordered from Dial-A-Pizza. It was a nightmare. Took the waitress about 15 minutes after seating us to take our order and 20 more minutes for a plate of sushi and two bibimbap to arrive. Bibimbap was greasy and unflavorful, no egg, raw or fried. Tuna looked really off, although it wasn't my dish so.... Panchan were same greasy, washed out flavor as everything else. Definitely a bad Korean BBQ place. The strangest part was the booths though - I had to be on the very edge of it in order to reach the table. Weird. It's too bad since the outdoor seating looks so inviting.

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    1. re: gini

      wow! dang. that seems to be the sound of most reviews. oh well. I cant see how they stay in business? three locations with high rent and horrible reviews.

      1. re: bernie71

        Went about 6 months ago. Cold miso soup, meh main course, and truly awful service. I've had passable sushi there before, but by and large, I'd avoid the place.

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          They'll not be in business too much longer, if all goes as planned. The owner of the property is fairly far advanced in talks with the city about building a hotel at that location. Hopefully, said hotel will have a fantastic restaurant to go along with it...

      2. there are NO good korean places to eat in the boston area and i'm totally serious!! i find that very sad.

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          1. re: tamerlanenj

            it's over priced and not that great either.

            the only decent korean food is over at bukk yung in union square in somerville. you go there for the jjajangmyun which is noodles in black bean sauce and onions. don't go to bukk yung II in brighton. it's not as good. if you've ever been to taiwan cafe, they have ja jang mien there, but it's the chinese version. it's tastes different and they also use a black bean's a more brownish color.

            other stuff you can try over at bukk yung is kam pong gi which is deep fried spicy chicken. it's actually not that spicy. their jampong is not bad either. it's a noodle dish with seafood (cuttlefish, mussles, prawns, squid) in a RED spicy soup. this is actually pretty hot.

            sadly, the best places for korean is in LA, VA (annandale) or NY (flushing)/NJ (fort lee, pal park).

          2. re: oneeyejack

            RIP Choe's. It was the closest hit for me.