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Aug 22, 2007 01:14 PM

Naples and Rome in October for Honeymoon

We will be spending 8 days in Rome and 4 days in Naples on our honeymoon and I am looking for suggestions on locales to eat while in Naples and Capri. We have spent time in Rome and have several favorites including Pier Luigi which we stumbled across accidentally while walking back to our B&B from the Vatican (Giorgio is the best waiter there). All input in appreciated, even information on Rome as we love to try new places.


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  1. La Campana is fab, I also like Matricianella....Maccheroni can be either good or bad depending on that day's chef....Armando e Pantheon....

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      Maccheroni seems to be on a downslide. A recent visit was very disappointing, and friends who ate there a month earlier felt the same.

      Sora Margherita, in the Ghetto, is consistently worth the frequent wait; we have at least one meal on every visit: the menu changes daily, and it's straightforward, typically Roman dishes, prepared from scratch, among them many Jewish specialties. Filled with Romans and the odd tourist. The staff don't (or won't) speak English, but you'll manage fine.

    2. Me again, Taverna degli Amici in Piazza Margana (relatively near the "Wedding Cake") - lovely little piazza and could be very romantic.

      1. You're making a huge mistake if you don't spend the night on Capri at least 1 of your nights...the day-trippers have to leave relatively early in the evening. Since it's your honeymoon, it's such a romantic spot. If you don't mind a lovely scenic hike, definitely eat at da Gelsomina in Anacapri, ravioli that melts in your mouth. Make sure when you leave there, you walk to the right a short distance to the end of the island for magnificent views.
        Ah Rome, Armando's, Trattoria Monti, Pierluigi, Il Bacaro, dal Bolognese (bronzini), Cul de Sac, Ditirambo,Taverna Fiammetta, Matricianella, da Gino, Taverna Romano, Sora Margherita, Al Pompiere, La Cicala e La Formica, Al Bric, Hostaria Costanza, La Forchetta d'Oro, da Marcello, Tre Pupazzi (Vatican), Pommidoro, Trattoria Al Simeto, Porto di Repetta, Ciccia Bomba (pizza)
        "Una Vita non Basta"

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          I completely agree about staying over on Capri. The evening is the best time of day, but in any case, leave the main piazza area quickly and go walking. The crowds tend to have little imagination and all stay in one place.

        2. Il Bacaro, via degli Spagnioli, 27 - Rome, a few minutes from the Pantheon. It sits on a quiet street with a few outdoor seats. I found it to be quite romantic and they have incredible homemade pastas.

          1. If I were you, I would opt for all 4 nights in Capri instead of Naples. I prefer Naples & Sorrento & Positano as day trips because Naples is too congested & nasty and Amalfi so laden w/tourists...but to each their own. Gunnar Adler-Karlsson lives at Casa Marianna (named for his wife) at the far end of Anacapri & has Philosophical Park across the walkway from da Gelsomina (my husband's fav restaurant in the world) where they refer to him as The Professor. He's a brilliant & charming man we met while there...hope you get the opportunity to do the same.

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              I disagree. If you have any sense of adventure (which given your choice of Naples as a destination it seems that you do) Naples is wonderful! In fact, because so many Americans hear that Naples is scary and dirty (it's no more dirty than Paris was 15 years ago), you'll find it delightfully tourist-free, and you'll find the food terrific. One of the famous pizza places is a must; we went to Ciro di Santa Brigida and liked it a lot. For a more upscale dining experience, try Europa, for which you'll probably need a reservation. Naples also has a huge number of coffee and pastry shops, so be sure to just drop in and sample them.

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                I was going to say the same about Naples - we loved the Centro, despite the fact its less orderly than northern Italian cities, with its remnants or Roman and even Classical Greece times (Naples was founded by the greeks and its street plan is Roman) and its lively street culture, and wonderful churches and museums (the Capodimonte Museum's painting collection is one of the finest in Europe, stunning) tho pizza and fritti would be an issue for you I guess? The vegetables, bean dishes and seafood in that area are extraordinary - tho you might need to watch out for fried dishes dusted with flour?? Ive posted earlier this year about some of the restuarants and dishes we enjoyed. See post on this thread:
                In the area, you would surely want to see Pompeii - there are a couple of good restaurants in the town of Pompeii near the Scavi - the more upscale is Il Principe (closed when I was there, on the town square - nearer to the scavi is the one I visited, Zi Caterina
                the vegetarian appetizers and stewed baby octopus were wonderful, the fritto misto the most diverse and best encountered on our Naples/Amalfi coast trip. Zi Caterina is huge and it looks touristy (strolling musician, waiter rolling eyeballs at my lack of good italian), but it delivers and I highly recomment.
                THEN go to Capri and kick back for a few days.
                Enjoy, you will have a wonderful trip.