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Aug 22, 2007 12:36 PM

Nice dinner place in Port Townsend?

I've been to Wild Coho and will probably default to there if I can't find something equally good, but I'd love suggestions for a place to go for a nice (birthday, my 40th, ugh!) dinner. I'd like to find something with good seafood, if possible.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations!

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  1. We think Wild Coho is the best. Not really anything comparable in PT. Other options are Fins or T's (a little dark inside and cooking not as inspired). Silverwater is always good, but a bit more ordinary. Our next favorites in the area are Mor Mor in Poulsbo or Bella Italia or C'est Si Bon in Port Angeles. Another possibility is Ajax in Port Hadlock ( a bit rustic, but good seafood), but still not quite the same as Wild Coho. Put on a hat from the huge selection and be any age you choose!

    1. I recently had lunch at the old Otter Crossing restaurant, which is under new ownership. I know nothing about the new ownership, but the food was excellent, and much nicer than that of the old cafe.

      The dinner menu included oysters and other seafood that all looked delicious. I've always been fond of that space, and was very happy to find food there that better matched the beautiful setting.

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        I love Otter Crossing for breakfast, didn't realize they did dinner as well. When did the ownership change?

      2. Thanks for the suggestions! I appreciate it.

        1. You have to go to Galatea Cafe & Tapas Bar. Yummy tapas and great wine. I would recommend making reservations.

          I know that you're looking for seafood, but for a fun, nice birthday with a group of people in PT, I recommend Galatea.

          1. I don't know if Japanese/Sushi is an option, but I have heard great things about Ichikawa. (I've never been).