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Aug 22, 2007 12:23 PM

Century City farmer's market

I've heard the CC farmer's market has reopened. Has anyone been? Are there any interesting food vendors? (aside from the fruits and veg, natch...)

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  1. I know that it is re-opened but I have not been yet. Location is different, near the bridge and off the street and I've been told there are some new vendors.

    1. it's in a much better spot! Room to walk. Alot of strawberries/berry venders right now. And heirlooms coming in.
      but you asked about food. The only one I have tried is a greek food place, I had the veggie combo plate. it was ok.

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        Haven't heard about this one. What day of the week and where exactly in Century City?

        1. re: TracyS

          it's thursday. It's kind of hard to describe where it is. It's between Avenue of the Stars and Century Park East, in the courtyard of a building that's on santa monica blvd. It's on the other end of bridge over avenue of the stars from the shopping center/

      2. The farmer's market is right outside my window :) It's MUCH bigger then the old one used to be. They have a ton of food places, but I haven't checked them out yet. I will give you a full report today when I head down there during lunch.

        Tracy S - It's on Thursday, I think from 11:30am - 3pm. It's kind of tricky to find, but it's just off of Santa Monica Blvd near Avenue of the Stars. You would want to park in the Westfield Shopping Center and head east and walk across the pedestrian bridge near See’s Candy and Brooks Brothers

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            Thanks! Please let us know how it is.

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              Ok, here goes. I went down there today with a pen and paper in hand (I must have looked quite silly) and made a note of all the different food options. Of course I couldn’t try them all, but there were some great choices and a nice variety of ethnic foods.

              Thai-Mex BBQ - (yes, you read that right). Not quite sure what they are going for, because it wasn’t very Thai or Mex. I got the grilled chicken plate, which was actually quite tasty. It was served with a yummy sweet and spicy sauce, and your choice of rice, salad, or chow mien (again, not very thai-mex).

              Hawaiian Chicken – – rotisserie chicken and the fixings. Smelled great.

              Eastern Grill – had only a few choices such as salmon with red curry, chicken skewers and crepes?

              Korean BBQ place with your standard stuff

              Greek – this place had the longest line of them all, so either it’s really good or service is really slow

              Hotdog/sausage place, with bacon wrapped dogs as well. I saw a lot of people eating them.

              2 other Mexican places with tacos, burritos, and quesadillas

              Of course, they have all the other packaged food vendors too – Hummus/pita/falafel, Kettle Corn, pastries, baked goods, dried fruits and nuts, etc.

              Near the Kettle Corn there is a pita bread place that sells falafel plates and “African Samosas” in chicken, beef, or spinach. I tried a chicken one and it had a nice curry spice to it. Next week I’m going to try the other two ($1 ea)

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                If someone goes next week would you mind checking to see if the Alex's fruits and nuts stand is there like in the oldd CC farmer's market? My mom loves the lemon almonds from there and I've had a hard time finding them since I changed offices from CC to downtown. Thanks!

                1. re: mollyomormon

                  I don't know about the CC market, but I know he's at the Venice market on Friday's from 7-11 and he still has the lemon almonds.

                2. re: asnyder

                  That's a good selection. Thanks for the thorough report! I couldn't make it today, but I think next week I am going to try the African samosa! The Thai/Mex/BBQ thing sounds kind of like the place they opened up in the same strip mall as Good Stuff Burgers. Umm. I think that's the location. All the strip malls tend to blur into the same place. I wasn't keen on trying it when I saw a physical restaurant, but I think it'd be more approachable at the farmer's market for some reason.
                  I'm going to try to remember re: the lemon almonds, Molly!

                  1. re: October

                    I'm pretty sure the Thai Mex Barbecue is the same as the one at the CC market in its previous location. If it is, it's grilled chicken which is really good (they have a peanut sauce which is fantastic) that you can get with chow mein (OK) or fried rice (very good jasmine rice). they have some other offerings (beef, sausage, pad thai) but the chicken is really good so I usually get that.