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Aug 22, 2007 12:23 PM

Lunch in Delaware off Rt. 13?

My family and I are heading out on a road trip Saturday to Chincoteague VA, (leaving from central Jersey). Any suggestions for tasty and reasonably priced lunch stops along the way? I'm assuming that we're taking Rt. 13 down. I did a search and all I came up with so far was Jimmy's Grille in Bridgeville. Any other suggestions?

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  1. Once you get below all the chain restaurants in Dover, there really isn't much down the lower west side & Rt 13. Jimmy's I would not consider tasty but they do find 50 ways to serve chicken and expect a wait on Saturday. Three reasonably priced alt-suggestions: in Greenwood, there's Peggy's Family Restaurant on the east side of Rt 13 and the name says it all; or in-town Greenwood there is Cafe Tamurelli which has pasta, pizza, & subs. Otherwise, there is the Eagle Diner in Seaford in the event you're missing Jersey diners....

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      Thanks Lewes! I'm glad you posted - I think we might skip Jimmy's.

    2. You know what I would do,even though its kind of unexpected? I would go to the Dutch Country Market at the flea market in Laurel,behind the humongous Johnny Janosik furniture extavaganza.Get a sandwich to go.They have roasted turkey,ham,roast beef,roast pork.For 5 bucks you get a sandwich about 6 inches thick and all the meats are as tasty and juicy as you could want.Side orders of potato salad and stuff too if you want.More satisfying than any sit-down restaurant on 13 south of Dover.I know it sounds kind of lowbrow but these are some serious sandwiches,and as reasonably priced as any. My favorite is the pork.The staff is all about quality.Enjoy.

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        This is exactly the kind of tip I was looking for. Thanks billfish. Oh, and lowbrow is not a problem! :)

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          Is the Johnny Janosik furniture store something we can see from Rt. 13? I've been trying to get directions to the market and all I can find is that the market is on "road 462" but i can't find road 462 on any map etc.

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            you cant miss it.its on the northbound side.Also,I forgot to note the country market is only open Thursday,Friday and Saturday.

        2. I'll chime in a hearty second for Peggy's Family Restaurant. It is just that-well prepared comfort food. It has a bit of a NJ diner feel to it. I have been impressed with the mobs of local folks there for dinner when I've stopped there on my way to/from OBX on US13.