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Aug 22, 2007 11:40 AM

Favorite Shirataki Recipes?

just discovered shirataki noodles! only 20 calories per serving! wowsa. due to it's 'unique' texture, i was wondering what your favorite ways were to prepare it? also, this may be salvation for my noodle-loving diabetic dad, so please help me make this yummy!


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  1. I think sukiyaki is incomplete without shirataki. But it's loaded with sugar, so that's not something for your dad.

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      It's not really "loaded" with sugar. The sauce has a tablespoon or so, and you could easily sub in Splenda.

    2. I add them to miso soup, and that's about the only way I like them. The texture is a little too funny for me to eat them plain as "pasta" but I've heard of others enjoying them that way.

      My miso soup typically includes green onion, mushrooms, tofu, handful of spinach and/or seaweed, some type of veggie broth (ginger broth from TJ's is nice for this). I always rinse, parboil, and re-rinse the noodles (in cold water), then add to the soup for 2-3 minutes at the end, after adding the miso.

      1. I enjoyed this site about konjac. My MIL told me to rub salt on hands and then gently rub the shirataki clean to reduce the smell. My family still won't eat it.

        1. I grill eggplant and other veggies coated in garlic salt, then chop and "stirfry" w/ shiratakis, balsamic vinegar (white), Bragg's amino acids, mustard, and lemon juice. Then either stir in egg whites or rotiserrie chicken, or have the protein on the side.

          Have you had found kelp noodles yet? 18 calories per bag, different texture, but good hot or cold, a little crunchier, but soften in liquid and/or when heated. And I find these at Whole Foods.

          1. I like them soba noodle style and dip them into sauce and eat em cold