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Aug 22, 2007 11:34 AM

Astoria/LIC Delivery Favorites

What are your thoughts?

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  1. What part of Astoria are you in? Many restaurants have a limited delivery radius...

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    1. re: bennyt

      I am off the Broadway NW stop...on 31st Drive and 21st St.

      1. re: rebeccadahling

        There are some good Mexican places on Broadway, my personal favorite being Tacos Mexico on 38th St., just south of B'way (and there are a couple of other Mexican places on Broadway closer to you - e.g., Los Portales, Viva el Mariachi- , I just haven't tried them). There is also Sac's pizza for pretty decent thin-crust, at 29th and B'way. Uncle George's (33rd and B'way) has relatively inexpensive Greek Taverna fare. Also, on 21st St. near Astoria Blvd. is Roti Boti (Pakistani), which I hear is quite good, and is open quite late. I live in a different part of Astoria (Ditmars), so I'm certainly not as familiar with your options as others on this board - I just thought I'd give you some food for thought.

        1. re: bennyt

          ps. Roti Boti is ridiculously spicy, if that's your thing. I personally can't handle it.

        2. re: rebeccadahling

          good luck...i'm in the same hood as you and no one delivers over for pizza, Sac's is great, i'm not sure if they deliver their pies though. Local chinese is dismal, the bel-Aire diner on 21st St will deliver, but they're only good for basics like burgers, soup, etc. Basically that's it. Sadly enough when i really want a pizza delivered I usually call Papa Johns on Astoria Blvd. Good thing I have a car and know how to cook!

            1. re: King of Northern Blvd

              Tacos Mexico definitely delivers, and so does the empanadas place on Steinway and 30th Ave. (is it Mama's or Papa's? I always forget).

      2. What about Thai? Does Thai Angel deliver? I hear good things about them...

        Good thing we're cooking a lot...and are able to grill at the new apartment!

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        1. re: rebeccadahling

          Papa's Empanadas on Steinway only delivers to a very limited radius, definately not as far as 21st st...believe me I've asked! Thai Angel is ok, do NOT try Benjamins on Bway, it was terrible! only good Thai is Tuk Tuk on Vernon, might be a little far for you though..good luck!

          1. re: rebeccadahling

            Arharn Thai on 32nd street and 36th Ave delivers, and it's the real deal (usually lots of Thai people eating in there - a good sign). They also warned me against ordering spicy and I love my food nuclear hot, and let's just say I was warned. I think they're better than Thai Angel for sure.