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Aug 22, 2007 11:11 AM

East St. Louis

Any good recommendations for East St. Louis? I occasionally have to go to City Hall on business, and would love to find a good place nearby. Thanks.

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        1. I would do my business in E. St Louis City Hall and leave immediately after. Not a city to hang out in.

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          1. re: marymac

            I don't know about that. I've heard the clubs over there serve a very nice lunch buffet. :D

          2. I used to work in East St. Louis. The question I have to ask the scary posters is : Have you ever been to East St. Louis?

            There was a soul food place right by the train stop on Missouri Ave. Sandy's BBQ is down the other direction. If you can transportation , try the steak, potato, and peas restaurant with the white table cloth at the stockyards.

            East St. Louis: good people, good food, and don't do anything stupid.

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            1. re: fred the fressor

              I have enjoyed Sandy's BBQ over the years. And occasionally headed a few miles down the road to Our Lady of the Snows Shrine which has a heck of a nice restaurant.

              Personally, areas of St. Louis City and County that I have worked in were more threatening than ESL.

              1. re: fred the fressor

                Thanks for the suggestions. Look forward to trying them.

                I agree that ESL does not deserve its reputation. If there are any nice spots there, I'd like to support them.