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Aug 22, 2007 11:07 AM

Flippin' Burgers - new burger place in Newton Center

Flippin' Burgers is a 1-week-old, small storefront with a few tables inside. Their menu is small and focused on burgers only, which to me, is a good sign. The only options I saw were onion rings instead of fries.

I had the Italian Burger, which had the "house dressing" (slightly sweet mayo-based sauce), strips of roasted red pepper, provolone cheese, and a slice of prosciutto ($7.95).

The burger patty was formed by hand, and was large and hockey-puck shaped. I'd say it was slightly thinner than an RF O'Sullivan's burger, whose burgers are too thick for my liking. Though there's no sign indicating otherwise, I asked if I could have mine prepared to order, and the chef (who I think was the owner) was very kind about agreeing to make mine rare.

The menu warns that burgers can take 12-15 minutes to prepare. I believe it came out earlier than that, though I was chatting with a friend all that time. Burger arrived as ordered - nice and rare. Had a respectable level of beefy taste, and the outside of the patty had a good amount of sear. I appreciated that the fixins' weren't abundant enough to cover up the taste of the meat.

The bun is plain, no sesame seeds (thank god - as I am deathly allergic) and I decided it was the correct thickness/chewiness as not to overpower. Nothing worse than too much bun. The roasted red pepper strips were a nice touch, but I could not really taste the prosciutto. I'd skip on the proscuitto next time, as it ads a dollar or so to the cost.

Each burger comes with a side of fries. They're slightly thicker than I like, and were sort of mealy. They seemed to be unsalted, so I gave it a liberal shake of the salt shaker. think cooking them longer would have improved them greatly. I tend to like them well-done and crispier. My friend's onion rings were good, if unremarkable. Fresh taste of oil.

Definitely worth trying again, though I might stick to the classic cheeseburger (they had cheddar, which I love on burgers). Glad to have a small, independent shop in the neighborhood near my office that sells honest, no frills burgers.

I regretfully didn't jot down the address, but it's in the Beacon Street area in Newton Center, next (I think) to the Coldstone Creamery.

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  1. The address for Flippin' Burgers is 216 Sumner Street. I think Asian Wings used to be in that spot.

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    1. re: hiddenboston

      Sumner Street is the little side street at the five-way intersection where Beacon Street and Langley Road intersect (with Sumner Street being the fifth way).

      I might need to check this place out tonight!

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. I stopped by and picked up a take-out menu last night. It was totally empty at 7:30pm - I hope business picks up! I guess people don't really know it's there yet, and that spot does seem to be unlucky.

        Anyway, the menu looks good, and prices very reasonable, starting at $4.95 for their basic burger (served with fries). I will try to drop by sometime soon - they have a burger with grilled onions and garlic that looks great! The menu also says they will be adding more items soon.

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        1. re: fbf242

          I added Flippin' Burgers to an RSS feed (yes, I'm a geek!) that gets a lot of hits, so hopefully it'll help get the word out about this place.

          There's virtually nothing on the place on the Internet at this point (other than an application for a common victualler license), but it is new, so I'm sure there will be information up on the Web soon and they'll start to get some business.

          1. re: fbf242

            That location really has been the kiss of death: Asian Wings, the crepe place, etc. I hope it survives.

            1. re: Scruffy The Cat

              Can anyone tell me exactly where in Newton Centre this place is located? Thanks!

              1. re: Gordough

                It's at 216 Sumner Street in Newton Centre. Here's a link to a map (I can't post a map directly into Chowhound, as the Atari 400--like computer I'm using today won't let me).


            1. re: Science Chick

              They have something on the menu called "Veggie Burger", but I'm not sure if it's an actual meatless patty, or just a beefburger with veggies on it.

              1. re: Prav

                Has any place ever called something a veggie burger and only put vegetables on top of meat? I sure have never seen that.

                1. re: Joanie

                  Its description and position on the menu was enough to make me think twice about what it was. Sorry.

            2. Thanks, Prav, for the review. I've been eyeing it and wondering but was just too terrified that whatever was in that location might somehow be related to Asian Wings, (a positively putrid experience) to venture in. I'm not a big burger fan so I won't be rushing over any time soon, but it's good to have it on the radar. Also, I've never had a burger at Johnny's (I assume they have burgers at Johnny's?) but I wonder how Flippin' Bugers compares.

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              1. re: peelmeagrape

                I went to Flippin Burgers tonight and was totally wowed by the veggie burger. It's not a burger at all, but rather a ton of delicious fresh roasted vegetables with the secret house sauce crammed into a whole wheat pita pocket (two halves). I couldn't get over how good the zucchini was. And my husband loved his garlic burger. Will definitely return.

                1. re: subito

                  Thanks, I'll definitely check it out and report back!