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Aug 22, 2007 11:00 AM

Chic and Cheap in Astoria/LIC?

So...I'm a new Queens resident (a transplant from Williamsburg). And while I'm up to my ears in heavy greek food (I just LOVE Uncle Georges!) and neighborhood diners (hey they're great but pack on the pounds!)...I really miss all the great 'cuisine' type restaurants in Williamsburg/Brooklyn that don't break the bank (favorites are Fada, Silent H, Black Betty).

Help a lady out!

Also looking for good seafood...I know its everywhere but where is it great...I especially lvoe oysters and mussles.

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  1. Welcome to the hood. I was a resident there for about 5 years before moving to Jackson Heights, but there's lots of good eats in Astoria that aren't just greek and diner (though I love me some Aliada and that diner on 21st and Bway who's name I can't remember).

    I'd recommend checking out 718 ( for a cozy french bistro on 35th and ditmars, Sac's on Broadway and 28th for italian/brick oven pizza (it was the place I always liked but I'm sure the Chowhounders will give you more options), Watawa on 33rd and Ditmars for sushi, El Mariachi on Bway and 33rd for some of the most terrific Enchiladas Mole (not exactly chic, but it's the closes real deal mexican), Arcos on 33rd and Bway for Portugese, and Mombar or Kabab King on Steinway and like 28th ave for great Egyptian. There's also Cafe Bar on 35th street and 34th ave that can be a cool lounge for drinks/good sunday brunch, and Locale on 33rd Street and 34th ave for Italian/Meditterean bistro stylings. Seafood I can't really help you out on being that I don't really eat it...There's lots more too, but that should give you a good start.

    Then once we get a day with some sunshine again, go to my home away from home - The Bohemian Beer Garden (if you haven't been already).

    Hope that helps. Enjoy your chowin'.

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    1. re: NYEpicuriosity

      oooooooooo...Sac's is right near my house!!!

      I hear good things abotu El Mariachi...


      1. re: rebeccadahling

        My SO and I tried Sac's a few weeks ago. We live in Forest Hills so our neighborhood pizza benchmark is Nick's and to a lesser extent, Dee's. The pizza at Sac's was good but not outstanding - and we thought it was definitely overpriced. A two topping large pizza was $30 which is the most expensive 2-topping pizza I've ever had (including ones I've had at places like like Grimaldi's, Totonno and John's).

        Another option for the area - Brick Cafe. Pretty solid American menu and a good atmosphere.

        1. re: pellegrino31

          i love bistro 33 on ditmars and 21 or 22nd. it's cute, small, relatively cheap french/asian fusion. pretty varied menu ... lots of appetizers and rolls and quite a few entrees, interesting drinks.

    2. Aces on 36th Ave and 32nd st..very cute spot with an American/latino menu. Not super cheap, but delicious food and great drinks too. nice date place.