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Aug 22, 2007 10:51 AM

Il Grano

Anyone been to Il Grano in WLA recently and willing to share a review?


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  1. My friend, the educator, and I went a week ago today to sample Sal's Summer Tomato Menu and it really must be one of the most uniquely satisfying experiences you can have right now. Taking a cue, no doubt, from the spectacular Bon Appetit spread in this month's restaurant issue, a young artist was drawing a lush tomato garden scene in chalk on the cement threshold as you entered the restaurant. Let's see. We started with one large seared scallop on a bed of Israeli cous cous with roasted corn over a tomato carpaccio and a single large grilled prawn with an heirloom tomato relish. Both beautiful. The classic Tuscan soup, pappa pomodoro, was rich in texture and if it didn't quite erase the memory of Paul Bertolli's rustic version at Oliveto in Oakland, it still managed to sooth even on a warm afternoon. We split the article's cover page dish, the BPT (Burrata, Pancetta and Tomato), on toasted bread and it was as good a take on a BLT as you could ever want. The crowning touch was a refreshing peach tomato sorbet that cooled the proceedings in a manner not seen in these parts since Elka Gilmore resuscitated the sweltering crowds at one of the first Tastes of L.A. by serving chilled fresh watermelon. $80 for two included two glasses of pinot grigio and a large sparkling water. I hope to go again before it's over.

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      Ooo, ooo, I've been wanting to try that and take my tomato-fanatic friend with me. I just called them, and they said last year it ran until mid-Oct. He said this year could end mid-Sept, but I hope not.