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Aug 22, 2007 10:50 AM

Treating Parents, near E 61st and 2nd Ave

My significant other and I are meeting my parents in NY for the US Open next weekend and want to treat them to a decent meal. We're staying near E 62st and 2nd Ave and it would be great to go somewhere within walking distance (less than 1 mile). Less than $25/person (recent college grads can't afford much). Italian is always good. We could cab or subway somewhere too. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Serafina on 61st between Park and Madison

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      I've been to that Serafina once (once was enough) - it's a favorite of my visiting in-laws from the Dominican Republic, but I found the food to be really lacking,especially for the price. Lackluster salad and pizza, though I recall the calamari being decent. Does seem to be popular with European and Latin (wealthy) tourists, though I really can't figure out why. Does your proposed price include drinks? I'll try to think of an alternative.

      Edit - is this for lunch or dinner?

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            $25 is really tough - though I understand your situation. What about Patsy's Pizzeria - cash only, I believe, but pretty decent pizza.

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              The Patsy's on E. 60th at 3rd is actually a decent (if casual) place for dinner. They have good pizza, decent pastas, and a fantastic appetizer of thinly sliced zucchini and eggplant fried to almost crisp with a garlic yogurt dipping sauce. It gets a bit noisy, but they have a quieter upstairs room. When I lived in the nabe (a couple of years ago now) we took my visiting parents there and they really enjoyed it.

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              We recently had dinner at Primola (on 2nd, b/t 64th & 65th) for the first time. the food was nicely-prepared and very tasty. They start you off with a generous plate of meats and cheese, along with a variety of olives, on the house (+ good bread, of course), so you don't really have to have an appetizer. Get pastas for the main course (prices in the teens) and maybe share a couple of desserts, and you should be able to meet your budget.


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                Sounds like a great suggestion - will have to check it out myself as well - have been racking my brains to come up w/ something nice for the OP.

        1. i really like via oreta on 1st (between 61 - 62, i think, west side of street, blue awning). really simple, classic italian - they make their own pasta, so it's very fresh. entrees are in the teens, i think, so you could even share some appetizers or a dessert.

          1. I've been eating at the Vag for over 30 years. Reasonable prices and great food. Boce court in the middle of the restaurant.

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              I was trying to remember the name of that place - it's been years, but remember having a nice meal.

              Il Vagabondo
              351 E 62nd St, New York, NY 10065

            2. Les Sans Culottes - 2nd Ave @ 57th. Classic French bistro. Not fancy and not inventive but good food and great value. The appetizers are basically all you can eat. Excellent pate. $22 prix fixe at dinner, $14 at lunch.

              Chola @ 58th st between 2nd and 3rd. Indian. Can be excellent.

              You're also very close to the F train. It runs express to Jackson Heights where you can find more diversity and cheaper restaurants with better quality. From there you can take the 7 train to the US open.

              To save money for dinner with the parents, eat at Chicken Kitchen. 2nd Ave @ 62nd. Extremely cheap but very tasty grilled chicken. None of the sides are really good. Don’t be afraid by the way the place looks and the curt service. I eat in there all the time but take-out is probably your best option. Ask for a juicy chicken and don’t go on Sunday (The regular guy is not working the grill on Sundays). Although they have some off-days, this place is usually good and sometimes ascends to great heights.

              1. Consider Canaletto on 60th St off 3rd. They bring you a nice little plate of parmesan and salami when you sit down and a plate of cookies to share after dinner, both on the house. If you stick to pasta or just an entree you might squeek by price wise. This is a real neighborhood restaurant and Brad is a great host. You won't find anything exciting on the menu but it's a reliable spot for you and your parents.