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Breakfast in Rehoboth Beach

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Although I've found lots of great places of lunch and dinner I've never found a great breakfast spot. Looking for something downtown. We won't be there long enough to worry with driving this year.


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  1. We've always enjoyed eating on the porch at Royal Treat. For something more upscale you can eat breakdfast outside adjacent to the boardwalk at the Boardwalk Plaza.

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      2nd royal treat
      also the starboard in Dewey has fantastic raisin bread french toast and a super sunday am bloody mary bar

    2. New place that opened within the last month is the GreenMan Juice Bar & Bistro at 12 Wilmington Ave and they have a decent breakfast menu.

      1. The Crystal on the inbound side of Rehoboth ave before the canal is the place for breakfast in Rehoboth beach. The lines for tables are out the door weekdays and weekends from opening until 1pm+. It serves harty basic breakfast food, mostly omelets etc. As Hopefulone mentioned Victorias on the Boardwalk is a good upscale choice as is the Blue Moon on Baltimore ave for Sunday Brunch. Bagals with lox and cream cheese at Lori's Deli on Baltimore ave at the back of the Camp rehoboth court yard is another winner. Rumrita

        1. You can get great croissants and coffee at the french place off of Penny Lane, the shopping alley about a block from the beach. It's two parts of a place, one side is La Crepes Suzette (great crepes for dessert after dinner elsewhere BTW), and the other side is named something slightly different (Napoleon's??) and that's where you get great pastries and coffee. Delicious!


          1. We are huge fans of The Royal Treat. We eat there everyday we are in Rehoboth. The prices are great, the quantity and quality are unreal, and it is uber close the boardwalk. If you go for the scrambled eggs - you will get a alot. I would love to see the chicken that lays that egg. Honestly one scrambled egg looks like two. There is porch seating as well. There is always a line especially on the weekends - but it moves well. The hostess is awesome!

            1. Greenman's on Wilmington (between the boardwalk and 1st St.) is AWESOME!!! I go there any time I am anywhere in the vicinity. This week, I was in OC and drove to Rehoboth just to go to Greenman's. They serve both breakfast and lunch, with organic, fresh ingredients. It's the place to go if you are trying to eat healthy or just want a neat, different, yummy meal. My favs are the steel cut oatmeal, Creme Brulee French toast, the Duncan sandwich, and the soba noodle salad. The quiches, whole fruit smoothies, and coffees and teas are great too.

              1. Go where the locals go.....Retro Cafe and Grille! By far, the best breakfast in Rehoboth. Far from the norm, try something you can't get anywhere else in Rehoboth such as their Beignets, Pesto Omelette or Bananas Foster Pancakes!!! Located on the beach block of Wilmington Ave.