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Aug 22, 2007 10:31 AM

Greve in Chianti - restaurants?

We will be staying in Greve (at Fattoria Rignana). I am wondering if there are any good restaurants in the town of Greve, Panzano, or any of the surrounding areas. We are looking for a lovely Tuscan experience, with great food of course! Thanks.

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  1. My wife and I just were there in June. In Panzano, Dario the buthxer has a place called Solociccia that is a family style restaurant that has no menu and is a six course meal with meat. absolutely awesome... if you don't know about this guy you need to . he has his butcher shop across the street where he holds court and offers samples of his meat and bread and wine .. this was our best meal of our trip. ENJOY

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      The Dario referred to above is the Dante reciting butcher made famous in Bill Buford's indispensible book "Heat", mentor to both Buford and Mario Batali before him. We will be in staying in Greve in early October and will try to get to Panzano during a busy four days. Is Solociccia open for lunch?

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        Only on Sundays. I've been meaning to review our lunch there. I'd read a review previously in the LA TImes that mentioned all kinds of delicious meat items - including marrow & other things that sounded absolutely delicious. But, none of that was served when we were there. It still was very good & well worth the 30E pp, including wine. We also brought an extra 2 bottles for our group of 8 & managed to finish those off too. We were expecting something very rustic, but it was tres moderne & very striking. Stop by his butcher shop for complimentary wine & to die for breah soaked in to die for olive oil on Festa days. He and his San Franciscan girlfriend are very charming.

    2. Try Taverna del Guerrino in Montefioralle, a beautiful village just above Greve. A Slow Food recommendation, it has a beautiful outdoor terrace and serves a great Chianina steak.

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        While in Panzano a year ago, we ate two delightful and delicious dinners at Vescovino. Also in Lamole, the only restaurant, the only anything, up a scary road but worth the trip.

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          Vescovino is outstanding with superb bisteca fiorentina. They have an excellent enoteca (Enoteca Baldi) that is worth visiting also. Don't leave there without walking downstairs. Incredible stock and much more reasonably priced than what you will find in Florence.

      2. Had our wedding reception at Castello Vicchiomaggio in Greve (about 3 km outside the town). Excellent food, service, views, etc. Have gone back for lunch which also is outstanding. If they're serving millefolio for dessert, get it!! Not sure about hours. Great wines produced there too. Just had a few 2001s from there this summer that were tops!! Have fun and write back if you go.

        1. Nerone in the main square of Greve is very good. simple, reliable tuscan cuisine.

          1. Ristorante di Lamole is wonderful for either lunch or dinner. They are closed at least 1 day a week--I think Wednesday. The food and view are both superb. Dining on the terrace at sunset is magnificent. They also have very nice wine, oil and balsamic vinegar for sale.

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              pmeyer; are you refering to the restaurant "Aia dei Canti" in the Castello di Lamole or is there a separate restaurant "Ristorante di Lamole" in the village? I ask because we will be staying in the Castello in October and would like to make reservations at the better restaurant. A previous poster in this string, mgebs, refers to another restaurant in Lamole, "Vescovino", and I'm getting confused because I thought Lamole was a tiny village with only one restaurant.

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                I should have clarified. Vescovino is in Panzano and Ristorante di Lamole is in Lamole. We're going back next week!!

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                  Spent the last week in the village of Lamole, south of Greve and just a few minutes from Panzano by backroad. After two weeks in Italy we have had two great meals; one in Venice at Corte Sconte and the second and most original at Solociccia in Panzano. If you are in the area it is a must. Also ate at Ristoro di Lamole in Lamole and La Bottega in Volpaia both of which were very good.

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                    We'll be in Castellina-in-Chianti the week of Nov 3-10. I made reservations last week at Solociccia for Sunday the 4th. We're very excited about having a meal there. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Would you describe your experience there? Thanks!

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                      Although not Imead, we just at lunch with Dario week before last - the most wonderful experience. Our party of four sat at a communal table in this surprisingly modern styled restaurant with several couples from the States as well as a charming Italian couple celebrating their one year anniversary. The food was wonderful = a mix of things you would expect with some of Dario's recipes from the distant past. Delicate fried sage leaves, scrumptious meatballs, roast beef. We also supplemented with a bottle of local panzano wine purchased from the wine shop on the corner. It was the perfect destination meal in the perfect setting. Dario is a gracious and entertaining host. He bears his celebrity with grace. We visited the butcher shop first and he was juggling his very real duties as a very active butcher while a group of Australians were dangling his picture from a Sydney newspaper in his face. We were quite jealous of the locals who were leaving with styrofoam coolers filled with his delicacies. The highlight of my trip - and indeed the culmination of years of dreaming and planning - was after lunch as he was closing the butcher shop Dario came out and bestowed his bloody and autographed apron on me. Something I will treasure as a memory of a dream fulfilled and a perfect afternoon.

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                        Magnum Wino,
                        WE Love the Ristoro di Lamole. It is was of our favories. Have eaten there 4 times this year on our past 2 trips to Tuscany. The service is warm and friendly and the food is consistantly great. I would also sugggest the Lamolo di Lamole Reserve. The Bottega is Volpaia is also very nice, very reasonable and low key. There is also an excellent restaurant in Piazza. Again, have eaten there numerous times. The steak with cippoline onions will melt in your mouth. I also highly recommend their carpaccio. There is a great little place in Monterfioralle. Going up the hill from Greve it is on the left just before you get to the top to park. I have eaten at both restaurants in Monterfioralle and prefer this one. The truffle pasta and homemeade raviolis were fantastic. This makes a great lunch place. If you fell like being adventerous, take the one lane road out behind Monterfioralle and follow the road stay right (if you go left it takes you into Panzano the back way thru the old town) and head for Badia a Passignano. Not only is it a beautiful drive they have an excellent Osteria.Go hungry they like you to eat atleast 2 courses. I always have a risotto, excellent and the fish. Don't bother ordering dessert, they always bring a little dish of chocolates and petite fours with your caffe. If you make it to Siena you must eat at Ristorante Mugolone. It's a nice place for an extended Italian lunch. We have never had a bad dish. You are going to be in Tuscany during truffle season. I am not sure of the dates, but can find out if you are interested in the truffle festival in San Minato.I can keep going on. If you would like more just ask. I also have an excel list with adresses, numbers emails, dates closed etc. Just let me know if you or anyone else would like it. These are all recent visits. I just came back last week and will be returning in a month. Happy eating!

                        1. re: Ah Toscana

                          Hi Ah Toscana,
                          My grilfriend and I are heading out to Greve next week and I'm looking into places to indulge in the best of Tuscan cuisine. Could you help by sending me more recommendations if you still have your list. We will also be around Barga and Asiano if you know anywhere there.
                          Many thanks
                          Tim Shanks