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Aug 22, 2007 10:30 AM

Best Chinese food in Woodbridge/Old Bridge/ Brunswicks? [moved from Tristate board]

Looking for a great chinese restaurant for my sister's going away party. We have been to King Chef in Woodbridge many times and love it but was wondering of some of the othe great Chinese restaurants in the area. I'm always open to trying new things. Please help!

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  1. Ah, this is a rough subject for me. I LOVE traditional chinese american food but have not found a place i love in NJ. For takeout I like China Cafe (Gill Lane/Rt 1 Wdge) and decent sitdown Jade Dynasty (on 531 Amboy Ave/Rd? Metuchen) but other than that nothing great. btw JD is byob, we've had many a family gathering there. Lisa and her sister are the owners, they rate #1 in Edison. Mei Ling in Metuchen so-so, Mei Mah eh. U love KC? I dont know some of the items there are just ok. The place seems kinda dirty too, and the fishtanks smell. I want to check out Crowne Palace in Middletown, they get vgood reports on CH. Pretty place too.

    1. Wonder Seafood on rt 27 in Edison--Hong Kong-style seafood preps, equal to or better than anything in Chinatown--the seafood is incredibly good, but be careful of the chicken, pork and beef preps, which in most cases are neighborhood-takeout quality (exeception is the deep-fried pork chops, which are sensational). If the manager asks you if you need some recs, go with it--he's never steered us wrong.

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        I went to Wonder Seafood for the first time this week and my husband and I left dissatisfied. Maybe we ordered the wrong items because everything at the table next to us looked great (dungeness crab, sauteed chinese vegetables).

      2. Venture a bit ooa to Matawan and go to Westlake Seafood on Rt 34 near Rt 79. Without a doubt the best chinese food I have had locally. Just don't go for dim sum, as it is rather ordinary compared to the fresh fish or crab dishes, casseroles (try the filet steak w/ special sauce), and the amazing, canton style wonton soup.

        1. Sunny Palace Rt 18 in East Brunswick, near the Old Bridge Border is the best we've seen in that area.

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            Hate Sunny Palace! Rude, inconsiderate management spoils my restaurant experience every time.

            1. re: njwinemaker

              The only time the food at Sunny Palace was really good was when I coordinated a banquet for an organization I used to belong to. The few time my husband and I went there on our own, the food was no better than any other Chinese restaurant in the area, that is to say, mediocre.

              Note to seal: Our experiences at Sunny Garden took place before Westlake opened though I've yet to have an outstanding meal there either.

            2. 1 9 Seafood Plaza Restaurant
              1021 Us Highway 1
              Avenel, NJ 07001
              When we want authentic chinese food (cantonese style) we go to 1 9 or Wonder Seafood.