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Aug 22, 2007 10:20 AM

Quiet, good lunch in Berkeley

A friend and I are meeting for lunch in Berkeley. I want something, good, local and fresh and his only request is something quiet. I was hoping for a recommendation of nothing too expensive, but a nice, relaxing, sit down meal. Thanks!

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  1. Cafe Zeste in the Strawberry Creek Design Center (next to Phoenix Pastificio, with whom they share a kitchen) @ 1250 Addison St. in Berkeley.

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      Cafe Zeste is so under the chow radar. After three lunches I am their biggest fan.
      I've tried the chicken, quesadilla, angel hair pasta salad, linguine and ravioli. Of course I'm partial to the pasta since they use Phoenix. There are also tables outside facing a quiet park where you can enjoy lunch with young children. The same waitperson I've had is adorable and the counter guy is very friendly. Order at the front and find a table. We walked away from the new Arlington Cafe because Cafe Zeste serves hot entrees for the same price as their sandwiches ($7-11) Look no further for a quaint, quiet place to talk with fresh food.

    2. Sea Salt is often pretty quiet at lunchtime, at least on the days that I've stopped by, and today would be a lovely day to sit outside in their yard.