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Aug 22, 2007 10:20 AM

Eats in Houston (NW, near 249)

Hello Hounds!

My friend is going to Houston on business for a few days and I do not know anything about the city and the food there. We're from Dallas.

That being said..he's be in the NW section of the city(near 249?) - any rec's?

Something that is fairly quick and below the $$$ range for dinner. He loves Thai, Indian, Mexican, Tex-Mex, BBQ..

If there are any great taquerias..that's a bonus :).

Thanks so much!

A Dallas Hound

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  1. Not too many taquerias in that area - it is sort of yuppified - but there is a great little tex mex place on 1960 named El Real that has some very good food and good marguaritas. I also like Texas Land and Cattle and it is at 1960 & 249. Good steaks, quail, great service and reasonable prices. They have a website. There is also a Thai Spice Buffet that my friend said was really good. I think they have a website too.

    That area has so many restaurants it is mind boggling. You should go to and look up NW Houston. I think zips 77068 and 77070 cover that specific area.

    Have fun. If I find out any more I will let you know.

    1. I live near 249 and also grew up in this part of Houston. Yes, it is mostly chains - but there are a few places that are NOT, which I recommend:

      Dhakshin, for Indian food ( - I have never eaten here, but have always heard good things about it from Indian friends.

      Neal's Restaurant, for country cooking ( - We eat here often. Great specials, nice local produce used and do NOT miss dessert - particularly the blackberry pie. Their brisket is very good. I am, not however, a fan of the sausage.

      Cafe Soleil, for Vietnamese Sandwiches - ( - go for the grilled pork sandwich!

      Taqueria Lupita (at the intersection of Louetta & OLD Louetta Road, in the gas station parking lot) - this place is great for breakfast tacos - clean and fresh from the taco truck. Not sure how late she stays open, but try it if you can.

      As far as the chains, here are the only two I really would recommend:

      Pay the extra $$$ and get the fajitas at Lupe Tortilla (FM 249 and Spring Cypress Rd). They will blow away anything you get at a strip-mall Mexican joint in this area, trust me. I have been burned over the years trying to find a quaint little Tex-Mex place that I can frequent, and it's been one indistinguishable place from another. Great margaritas, too.

      The other place, where you can find Chinese and Thai food, is T. Jin's Asian Cafe.
      ( I like their Thai curry dishes, and the orange chicken has a really nice flavor.

      Like danhole said, there are a lot of choices out here, so b4-u-eat is a good place to check out. Also try the 77379 zip code when doing a search there.

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        T Jin's has expanded to Houston? I used to eat at his restaurants in College Station all the time! Good to know.

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          Thanks so much for your help,everyone!

          This board always has so much information. I'm getting hungry just reading the responses. The zip code idea is especially helpful!

      2. There is a new Indian place that has excellent food and is reasonable. I think it's called India Grill. It's on Jones Road about a block west of West Rd., behind the big Krogers. Also, across the street and east of West Rd. is Esarn Thai that is quite good. It's near the Randalls store. Taco Milagro on 249 just north of 1960 is very good and not expensive. It's owned by Robert Del Grande who also owns Cafe Annie. I don't know if you want to go as far as 290 and Hollister, but there is Lyndon's BBQ that has pulled pork that's the best. Enjoy your stay.

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          i've gotta disagree about taco milagro...i never went to the original in town, but i've tried the one on 249 twice now and have been disappointed each time. i didn't realize del grande owned it...wonder if he gets out to the 'burbs much. it's a groovy place aesthetically, but the service has been lackluster and the food just...nothing special, especially at the price. to be fair, i had the pumpkin (maybe squash?) enchiladas the first time and they were quite fine, but service was awful. the second time we went--thought we'd try again to see if they'd fixed the service issues--my husband was so unhappy with his tortilla soup he didn't bother to eat it. my meal was forgettable. pity, as i'd like to have another mexican option out here.

        2. I'm surprised no one's mentioned Los Cucos. I haven't looked too far on the Texas board (live in Austin now), but it's still one of my all-time favorite Mexican places. It can get really busy on the weekends, but you have to try the fajitas there (a los Cucos--they do several styles, but this is my favorite). They also have fantastic salsas. I could eat the green sauce with a spoon. It's on 249, the northbound side, just before Spring-Cypress.

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            Ahh yes Los Cucos, a complete mess of grease and cheese and deep fried goodness. It tastes good but you'll feel pretty guilty about it afterwards. I would highly recommend the deep fried avocado. Agree 100% with renz about the green sauce, wish they would sell it in a jar at the store.

          2. I think Indian Wok would be in that area as well. Very good, interesting Indo-Chinese food.