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Aug 22, 2007 10:16 AM


Where can I go sit down in the evening (so in other words, not like a day time shop/cafe) to get top quality caviar? (cheap, expensive, best value for the money, whatever the caviar fiends think is noteworthy...)


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  1. So many choices excellent to tell. Americans do not know best caviar. Many women can you show best meal. I show you Eliseevsky Supermarket and you will like. Costs are high but I can you show best to get.

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    1. re: sasha20007

      Where is Eliseevsky. I know you posted a long time ago, it it still around. I am still looking for taste of really good caviar.

      1. re: gfrlaser

        Eliseevski ( is a shop on Tverskaya. Don't buy caviar there - talk to your coworkers, get a contact, sort it out this way. Then you get good quality at the right price.

    2. My tip is that you need to work on the caviar thing in Moscow. You need to have friends, local ones who know their stuff - you know, the type with connections. That way you'll get a hold of a whole tub of the stuff, in original package, at about half the price.

      Then get those friends round your place - one of them will always know how to make real blinis - stock up on sour cream and vodka and off you go. Instant feast.

      Caviar is not for restaurants.

      Or go to the market (can't now remember the specific one where they sell caviar in the indoor part) with a local friend who will help you get the best deal.

      1. How canI ..get a taste of good cavair?? Willing to trade anything.. I just want a taste of the best!!