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Aug 22, 2007 10:16 AM

Any good restaurnats near West Edmonton mall?

Would really appreciate any rec's. We are open to any type of food as long as it's good.

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  1. The vast majority of the places near the mall are chains. Downtown is only a 15-20 minute drive away and there will be way more/better options.

    1. Sadly most of the restaurants are chains but as far as they go, I like Moxie's in the mall...

      1. i live in the west end, and while we head downtown to eat most times there are a few out here. pico lino's on 149st is a great, small, crowded, loud, family owned italian. ban thai on 100th ave is good thai food, as is tropika (malay and thai) on 149th. As well if you want fine dining head out to Sage at the River cree shocked at how phenomenal it was!! just ask for a table away from the view of the casino. ouzo's is a decent greek place over on 178st.

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          you like Greek, you must Must MUST try Koutouki Ouzeri in the Mayfield common. Altho the best location is the original on 124 St and 107 Ave. It's been around forever and was even featured for 2 seasons on Food TV as a show called "Family Restaurant". This is the real deal for Greek. I would highly recommend reservations and going on a Friday night when the bellydancing and plate smashing ensues. As far as food - the mezes are great but I always have to get the Moussaka - OMG - there are no words! Just try it - it's the real thing - lamb not beef!

          1. re: eastcoastgirl_westcoastlife

            Nope. The dining scene around and in WEM stinks. Chains and more chains...Moxies, Earls, Red Lobster, Italian Garden, Ricky's Grill, Chili's, etc. etc.

            Cleopatra999's suggestions are good ones if you are prepared to drive a little further afield. There is also the Chop which is adjacent to the Sandman Inn on 178th Street and Stonty Plain Rd but it too is a Moxie's first time effort and an upper scale chop house.

            You also have Il Forno for basic pizza and pasta fare in the Jasper Gates shopping centre on Stony Plain and 149th or 156th Street.

            Just one correction, Koutouki Ouzeri is actually just north of the Canadian Tire Store, east of 178th Street not Mayfield Common.