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Aug 22, 2007 10:12 AM

All you can eat Sushi in Denver

I lived in Denver in the late 90's and remember a resturant in the Cherry Creek Mall that was a Sushi Buffet. Is it still there? If not is there a Sushi Buffet resturant in Denver?

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  1. The sushi place in Cherry Creek Mall is long gone. I am not aware of any other sushi buffet type places in Denver. Maybe Country Buffet has a sushi station? Haha.

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    1. re: ColoradoFun

      Hee hee. Good line, ColoradoFun.

      Stevekw, are you visiting Denver soon and looking for good sushi or are you only interested in sushi buffets?

      1. re: rlm

        Thanks for the note. I am interested in Sushi buffet only as I have 2 college kids to take out when I get there (this evening). I live in So Cal where there are many all you an eat Sushi spots and believe it or not many are excellent (not in the way a Nobu would be, but certainly as good as a mid range Sushi resturant would be).



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          Glad your Chow expectations are not elevated. Consider Mr. Panda (two locations, one Aurora east of Denver and one Greenwood Village south of Denver) and New China King (West Alameda). I haven't tried these, so do not take this as a personal recommendation, but I do appreciate that there are times when quantity is the most important quality.

          1. re: stevekw

            Well that could be one good reason to visit SoCal. The closest I can think of are some of the more inexpensive sushi places or maybe some that have "happy hour" specials.

            This is my favorite inexpensive place:

            There may be some other good inexpensive places in the suburbs that I am not familiar with.

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              If you're going to economize, discount sushi is probably a bad choice. That's one thing it doesn't pay to skimp on, although Sushi Han on Larimer is more reasonably-priced than Sushi Den or Sushi Sasa and the like. I used to eat there for lunch occasionally when I worked downtown. I have no idea what it's like at dinner though. Sonoda's (multiple locations) isn't my top pick, but it's also less expensive.

      2. I don't live in Denver anymore, but there was a Chinese buffet called LD Buffet that has 2 sushi chefs making about 10-15 different kinds of sushi. I am sure someone who lives there can tell you if it is still around. They have a mix of rolls and nigiri. The chinese part of the buffet is average, sushi was the best part. Not as good as dedicated AYCE sushi buffet, but it was the best I found when I lived there. Good luck!

        The info is:
        LD Buffet
        2797 S Parker Rd, Aurora - (303) 751-1688

        1. It's not all-you-can-eat, but I'd try Mori for very fresh, well-prepared, and reasonably-priced sushi.

          1. That was a Todai. It closed at least 10 years ago. Man, I love Todai.

            The only AYCE sushi you'll find here is at the Chinese buffets. The sushi quality is questionable, the selection usually limited to rolls and a few common nigiri. It's just something they include so they can advertise about it. My husband loves sushi (we're both Chinese), but he won't touch it at these places. Some have already been suggested: LD, Great Wall, New King Buffet. If you go expecting to have great sushi, you will be SORELY disappointed. These are $10-$15 chinese buffet (dinner) places... sesame chicken, chow mein, etc.. that happen to have some california rolls and such on the menu.

            Consider spending the money and go to a nice sushi place... or maybe go for happy hour if you don't want to spend that kind of money.

            If I were you, I'd skip the idea of sushi altogether and save it for when your kids return for a visit to SoCal. Denver is landlocked... cheap/good sushi is definitely hard to come by. Why not try some the local cuisine instead?

            1. Benihana does an all you can eat sushi HH (until 7 maybe), I guess technically it isn't unlimited, but you definitely get a ton for your money and the sushi is pretty good.

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                Stevekw said he was looking for buffets with all-you-can-eat sushi in order to fill up his two college-age sons. Sometimes, adults who never have had young men of that age at their table have no idea what this means. A lot of the sushi at these buffets i composed of nori, rice, veggies, perhaps tofu, perhaps a sliver of fish or cooked shrimp. To be sure, we're not talking about places that carefully and artistically create sushi piece by piece, roll by roll, from only the finest sushi-grade fish. We're talking about assembly-line sushi that, when eaten in sufficient quantity, is filling for guys that age. Well-intentioned Chow-worthy suggestions notwithstanding, quantity is probably of prime importance to stevekw and his big boys.