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Aug 22, 2007 10:06 AM

Mooncakes in Montreal?

Chinese Mooncake Festival this year falls on September 25. Traditionally, that week would the best time to savour delicious mooncakes. Does anyone know of any outlet where mooncakes can be found in the Montreal island? Tough luck for me, I did not find any in Chinatown last year, or perhaps I went there too late. Please help.

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  1. They had them last year at Chow's bakery on La Gauchetière east of St-Laurent. Most of the Asian grocery store usually have them, too. They're not that hard to find.

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      Thanks SnackHappy, I appreciate that. I have a feeling I will definitely find some this time. I really hope there are plenty of varieties like those found in Singapore and Malaysia....e.g. baked-crust, soft-skin, ice-cream filling, croissant-type.....yum-yum!

    2. Maybe you'll find some at Marché Kim Phat?

      1. I suspect you were too late then. I can also confirm I found mooncakes in several stores in Chinatown last year. The only kinds I couldn't find were the non-baked ones made with rice flour.

        Oh, so you were hoping to find the soft-crust ones too. Good luck with that and if you do see them, please tell!

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          So, I ventured to the area yesterday, and got my first box of mooncakes this year. I went to the grocery store one street off from the Gauchetiere and St. Laurent intersection (sorry can't be more specific). I was pleasantly surprised they stock mooncakes from three (!) reputable producers from Hong Kong. I went traditional and got a box of 3-yolk white lotus seed paste.

          And they even have the "mochi" variety, but you'll need to ask because they keep them in the fridge somewhere.

          Just sharing this bit of good news for those interested.

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            Would that be the store on Clark just south of St-Laurent that smells like salted plum and dried shrimp?

        2. There are actually some at Costco on the south Shore

          1. What brands of mooncakes is best, that's available in Montreal?