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B restaurant Oakland/ been there?

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A friend went to a fundraiser and B served food at it. They were very impressed. Has anyone eaten there? It is around 9th Street.

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  1. We had lunch there a few months ago. The food was great, but the noise level was so high that we were unable to hear each other. I'd go back for the food, but only in the spring/summer, when I could sit at the outside tables.

    1. I ate there last week. I am a fan of Boxed Foods Company, their tiny, more casual sister cafe in SF for a great sandwich or salad. Most of the lunch items are the same, so you can look at Boxed Foods menu on the website, as the B part has little info, other than the address. It is at 9th & Washington.

      The 1st time I had dinner at B a few months ago I was unimpressed. The service was poor and the food was mediocre at best.

      Last week was much better. Just split some small plates with a friend and had a few glasses of wine: mussels, roasted parsnips & butternut squash over black forbidden rice, and a crab salad with blood oranges & avocado. Everything was tasty and our server was friendly, prompt, and accomodating. Overall I don't find the dinner menu very exciting. They only serve beer & wine - no liquor. Simple decor. I'd recommend having lunch there. At the dinner price point I think there are many better places in the East Bay.

      Link: http://www.boxedfoodscompany.com/boxe...

      1. I posted on my dinner there a few months ago, but can't find the post, thanks in part to the name that makes searching the web really difficult! Boxed Food Company does have a website, but I can't figure out how to get any menu information from B from it.

        Anyway, I wasn't impressed, thought it was overpriced for what it was. If you go, please report back, would like to know it had improved.

        Link: http://boxedfoodscompany.com/boxed/ma...

        1. I've only been for lunch, but I found it uneven. The menu makes the food seem more interesting than it is, and a lot of the same ingredients repeat from one item to the next. The last time I was there, I had the beet salad, which was barely larger than the side salad served with the sandwiches and didn't include much beyond the greens. The person I was with had the grilled pear and brie sandwich--but the pear was simply raw and sliced; neither the pear nor the brie was grilled, making it an awkward sandwich with a lot of fruit falling out.

          1. I've been there three times now. The first time I was there I had some very good items (grilled ono) and some not so good (steak flat bread) I will say though my last two visits have convinced me that this restaurant is one of the best values in the East Bay. My last visit (Friday night) I and a guest waited at the bar for about 30 minutes for a table. We had ceviche, crab cake, grilled ahi tuna, seared duck breast and some sort of tea flavoured creme brulee. I was extremely pleased with the flavors and balance of each dish and astonished at how big the portions were. I'm not sure what direction the downtown is headed but I think it is great that this restaurant is in downtown. I haven't had a chance to eat lunch there yet

            1. Four of us ate there last night. While they didn't have hard liquor, they had excellent cocktails made with Soju. They warranted seconds for my wife.

              We had the scallop ceviche served in a martini glass. The seafood was fresh and quite a nice way to start.

              We avoided the other small plates and ordered the NY steak (per an earlier posting) and two ordered the Duroc pork chops and steak pizza. Apparently the pork chops were taking a little too long so they, without prompting, brought out four glasses of the butternut squash soup with garlic and fennel. The soup was fantastic. Flavor and texture was perfect. It was topped with a herb oil and fried sage. Quite the nice touch.

              When the entrees came out the chops were huge. I don't know where they got these, but clearly not the neighborhood butcher. The steak and pizza were equally good.

              The best part of the meal was the bread pudding made from vanilla wafers topped with ice cream. The pudding had a great crunchiness but not too sweet. one order was perfect for the four of us.

              Our only regret was that they don't offer their fries at dinner.

              Their menu is limited but well focused. It warrants repeat visits.

              1. Two thumbs down on this place.

                We went yesterday for dinner and it was terrible. The service was slow (in a virtually empty place), the food was worse. We had yukon potatoes/egg/bacon pizza, salmon entree and wild boar sliders. The pizza was burned and I mean BURNED to the point where the base looked like pressed ashes from a house fire. The wild boar mini-burgers were barely warm, the potato chips (billed as some kind of fries) that came with it were waaaay salty and this is coming from a man who likes salt on everything. Salmon was okay. We did not risk trying desserts.

                Might be worth it for lunch but I will not return for dinner.