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Aug 22, 2007 09:51 AM

Long Island Chowder

Marty's Seafood in Huntington Village used to have the most amazing LI Clam Chowder. The lady who made that soup left years ago (6-7 years ago) but I still can't get that chowder out of my head and I've never had anything like it since...

Does anyone have a recipe? From what I was told, it was a cross between Manhattan and New England clam chowders. Big chunks of potatoes, lots of clams, no obvious tomatoes, very lightly creamy (not heavy like NE style)...

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  1. NE style is not supposed to be heavy, but much of what is served is. It's really made with milk, not cream, and should be as you describe. What you describe sounds like real NE clam chowder. That said, sorry, I don't have a recipe!