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Aug 22, 2007 09:48 AM

Anniversary Dinner

I'm celebrating my 6th anniversary on labour day with my husband and we are looking for a good night out. We've been to all the in style restaurants in Toronto...Susur, Bymark, Colborne Lane, Thuet, Cava, Jamie Kennedy, Perigee etc. We are looking for a recommendation that offers good food, no pretense and doesn't blow the bank. We're also over the whole "small plate" idea. We are considering Rodney's but thought fellow chowhounds may offer other good ideas.

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  1. I can't say enough about Quince, on Yonge south of Eglinton. It's exactly what you're looking for, I think - the food is not too complicated, but it's prepared with creativity and quality. It's more affordable than the other names you dropped, but the room is just as lovely, service is personal and efficient, and it's in a lovely walking neighbourhood - you could finish with a stroll over to Il Gelatiere on Mount Pleasant!

    Other options for something "different" might be Tabule (middle eastern, very yummy).

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      How about Globe?? The service is very good, the food is excellent and the price is quite reasonable. They also have a great wine list, many by the glass. The place has a great feel to it. Quince is nice also but I think Globe is notch or two above without the pretense mentioned at the others. They are just getting ready to open their roof top patio which is really quite lovely. You would not believe you are on the Danforth. It has a real Miami Beach feel to it. We were there yesterday and had a fabulous lunch.

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        Not worth the stroll on Labour day. Il Gelatiere will be closed!

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          wrong! they're closed mondays *except* holidays! according to the sign.

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            Thanks - that's good to know. Thought I was being helpful!

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          i've avoided posting about quince since i became aware of chowhound's rules- but i think it is fine to let you know that they won't be open on labor day.

        3. Try Coca on College small plates reasonable prices and an adventurous menu...

          1. I second Globe on Danforth. I went there a few weeks after opening and had an outstanding meal/ We had a group of 8 and they sat us right at the back 1 level up. It was like a private room that overlooked the entire restaurant. Food was excellent and the room is very cool. I can't remember the exact dishes we had but I would describe the cuisine as modern French with local ingrediants.

            When I was there they didn't have their liquor license yet so we went across the street and bought a mickey of vodka, snuck it back in, and topped up our cranberry & orange juices when the waiter wasn't looking. That was kinda fun and economical too.

            I really like Trattoria Zucca on Yonge south of Eglinton. Excellent service, nice room, very good modern italian food. Defintely suitable for a romantic occasion.

            1. Been to Niagra Street Cafe?..always a winner...

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                I would have to agree Niagra is definitely a great place. Excellent food, great wine and an awsome atmosphere

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                  Labour Day and the anniversary is long over but WTH.
                  When Niagara Street Cafe was in it's first couple of years we loved the place. Last couple of times there I thought the food had gone down hill. I loved when they had the menu printed on the mirrors and they did that amazing warm ceasar salad but again, nothing appealed to me the last few times. Maybe I should give it another try. Anton is a great guy and I love the atmosphere of the room. Recyclor, have you been recently, and what do you recommend?