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Aug 22, 2007 09:23 AM

The Back Porch - Old Saybrook, CT

We had my wife's birthday dinner at the Back Porch " between the bridges in Old Saybrook, CT.We sat on the deck and had a gorgeous view of a pretty active marina and the shoreline and drawbridge beyond.
The table started out sharing an order of fried calamari and mussels steamed with tomatos, garlic and peppers. The calamari was done well and came with two dipping sauces. The mussels were good, too, although I like them just a bit spicier.
I had seared diver scallops, my wife had the buttered lobster roll.Both were very good. The rest of the party had clams with red sauce over linguini, fish fry (with fresh tilapia), and grilled salmon - all very good and with appropriate sides that were also very well done. The wine and beer lists were excellent
One of the evening's highlights was the restaurant's ice cream parlor which was staffed by a very tan, blonde college student working through summer break. She had a great bright smile and she pleasantly capped our visit to the Back Porch.

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    1. re: madisoneats

      Entrees fit into the "moderate" range, but appetizers were inexpensive.

      1. re: DonShirer

        Thanks-- I saw that-- but menu lacks prices!

        1. re: madisoneats

          The menu they give you lacks prices as well. Appetizers $5-$7, Entree's we had ~$23.
          My rice was a little dry and my wife's chowder a little too floury, but everything else was fine.

      2. Hi new here. Had to submit my disappointing comment on last night's dinner experience at The Back Porch.
        Arrived at 7 and were seated at 7:30. Fine. It took 1 1/2 hours to receive our dinner.
        Granted it was a Saturday night, but please; to keep three hungry people that long is wrong. People who sat down long after us received there dinner before us.
        When we were seated eventually we were recognized by waitress and then we were given bread and herbed butter (both good) and then water. The water server forgot to pour water in one glass.
        Waiting drinking waiting more drinks...asked waitress what is going on with our meals, 1/2 later she returns "Kitchen is having problems"
        More drinks and finally more bread.
        Friend in need across table is dying for dinner and finally at 9pm dinner arrives and all I can say that the food was fair.
        In the end we ended up paying for the meal,minus drinks.
        Not worth the visit. Any place on a Saturday should be able to function without pitfalls.
        This was my first and last visit. Let's see how long this establishment last there. Many have come and gone in this place.
        Should have gone to first choice "Old Lyme Inn" for a quiet, effecient dinner without complications.