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Aug 22, 2007 09:06 AM

Quiet quality restaurants in Park Slope?

For a birthday dinner for a friend who hates loud restaurants, does anyone have recommendations for good, but fairly quiet places in Park Slope. I was thinking Applewood but haven't been there.

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  1. Applewood is great - many restaurants in the slope fit the bill, I'd also recommend:
    Convivium Osteria
    Little Dishes
    Palo Santo

    1. Applewood is not quiet.
      Of all the usual suspects, I'd say Tempo is your best bet.

      1. I went to Black Pearl on Union between 6th and 7th aves a couple weeks ago and for better or worse it was really, really quiet there. And it was a Saturday night (in August granted).

        We had two appetizers, four entrees and two desserts and all of the food was good. Short of spectacular or memorable but good. Good service and interesting dining room.

        1. I really, really love Paola Santa. When I go there, somehow I feel that I'm on vacation. I know they play music, but I don't recall it being too loud. I love the vibe of the place and the food is terrific. Maybe pass by during the time that you are planning to go and see if it would be too loud for your friend. Another person mentioned Black Pearl. It may be quite, but I thought that it was way overpriced for the quality of the food.

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            If you're willing to cross Flatbush a block or two then I highly recommend the Garden Cafe in Prospect Heights, on the corner of Vanderbilt and Prospect Place. A neighborhood mainstay, very quiet, classy and tasteful. Excellent food too! They have a prix fixe menu most nights which is excellent value.

            1. re: Dalglish

              I agree with "Dalglish"; Garden Cafe is an excellent choice for anyone who likes quiet -even romantic- restaurants that serve very good food.

          2. Applewood is one of my two favorite restaurants in the Slope (along with al di la, which is absolutely not quiet). Depending on the time you go, it is sometimes very quiet - especially if you go on the early side, like 6ish. Even when I've been when it's crowded, though, I haven't found it to be particularly loud. I think it's a great choice for a birthday dinner. Have one of their special cocktails, too - delish.