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Aug 22, 2007 09:03 AM

Non-steakhouse steak in Vegas?

This is going to sound strange if not outright silly, but does anyone have suggestions as to where to find a good steak in Las Vegas where they don't charge you $40 for the privilege of eating something that should be closer to magenta than pink on the inside ("what's the point of having decent beef if you're going to 'overcook' it")? (I've been to the Orleans Steak Buffet - I think I mentioned it in a post here in 2006.)

-- Don

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  1. I had a very nice hangar steak at Rosemary's last week, as part of the $50 3-course prix fixe (actually $25 for me for 3 courses, Wed. is ladies night w/food at half price). No supplement on the hangar as there is on the other steak on the menu. It was cooked perfectly medium rare as requested, maybe even a bit on the rarer side, lovely.

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      The Bone In Rib eye @ Fiamma in MGM is wonderful ... or
      There is also the $4.99 steak special @ Ellis Island......

      1. re: ciaogal

        I second the bone-in ribeye from Fiamma. Quite possibly my favorite steak ever.

      2. re: Debbie W

        You beat me to it, Debbie. The steak preps I've had at Rosemary's have all been most excellent. And needless to say the service and value are exceptional, especially for you on Wednesday!

        Hmmmm... if I had the operation could I make it up in half price meals at Rosemary's???


        1. re: GroovinGourmet

          Now that's what I would call dedication!

      3. Sonoma Cellars in Sunset Station. They have Dry Aged Prime beef that is absolutly delicious and I have never had an improperly cooked steak there (and I order the bone-in Ribeye, Charred, Medium Rare). Prices are reasonable as well and they have a decent wine list (Mostly California), and they have never charged us a corkage when we brought in our own wine.

        1. RAO'S in Caesar's Palace. We were just there on Friday night and my husband had a FABULOUS steak. Go to their website online. Our entire meal was a wonderful experience. It will not disappoint.

          1. Mon Ami Gabi at Paris

            1. Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon. Several locations around the valley. It's a chain, but cheap and decent.