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Aug 22, 2007 09:00 AM

Last meal in Italy will be in Pisa

Any recommendations on helping me leave with a final memorable meal in me?

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  1. Osteria de Cavalieri in ....San Frediano - pretty good I've been there menu is split between fish and meat and easy to get to the airport and the Leaning Tower if that is your wish. Not open on Sunday though.

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    1. re: LotsC

      Second the recommendation. Great meal there in 2001.

      1. re: deangold

        Excellent recommendation. Service was great, wine was great, and food was great. This place also had locals in it, which is always a good sign in my book.

    2. I can't recall the name of the tiny square or the restaurant we ate at (also our last night in Italy) but the square is behind Hotel Royal Victoria, 12 lungarno Pacinotti, this is right on the Arno near ponte di mezzo. Very friendly at that hotel, so you may want to ask specifically for great restaurants just behind them. You will walk and wind your way a few tight alleys and come to a tiny square, possibly Piazza dei Cavalieri. A few good restaurants in that square but we ate at the one in the corner. Good luck and stay away from the restaurants near the Tower!!