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Aug 22, 2007 08:57 AM

Dallas Area Farmers Market

I know about the Farmer's Market in downtown Dallas and the one in Plano, but are there any other farmer's markets in the metroplex?

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  1. The one in downtown McKinney is my favorite. I feel like a tourist getting conned every time I shop the Dallas Farmer's market. Which one in Plano were you referring to? There are two smaller "farmer's markets" which are more like seasonal grocery stores to my eye.

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      The one off of 15th Street. Where is the other?

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        It's off 75, on the east side, I think just south of Spring Creek...but the one on 15th (Georgia's) is better imo. It's called Fairview Farms or something, looks like a barn, I think they have pony rides or something out there at some times.

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        Luniz, could you please tell me where the farmer's market is in McKinney? I'm not familiar with one there and I would really like to go. Thanks.

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          It's downtown, corner of Church and Louisiana I suppose. If you're familiar with the downtown at all, just park in that public parking lot across the street and walk back towards Louisiana. I recommend you get there early, by 10 or 11 at the latest. Saturday morning only. Then find your way back that night to eat at Cafe Malaga. Oh yea I think there's an ice cream contest with "free" samples for a $3 donation at 1PM downtown this Saturday also.

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            Thank you very much for the info. I'm going this Saturday. Sounds like it's the Killis Melton Ice Cream crank-off this Saturday. I've been to that before and it's a blast.

            I really appreciate your help.

      3. There is one on Hwy 26 in Colleyville, between Glade and Hall-Johnson. It's different in that it's not open air but is in a small building. Still, I've been pleased with the selection. In addition to lots of fresh fruits, veggies and herbs, they also have nuts, trail mixes, and such snacks as that, and also salsas and other condiments.