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PHX: Roasted Hatch Chile Sightings

Add them here, please...

I've seen them at:

Food City
Phoenix Ranch Market

The chile guy parks himself outside the store with his roaster.

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  1. I saw someone roasting them outside of Arriba on Camelback Road just a few days ago.

    Arriba Mexican Grill
    1812 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85016

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      Right. Apparently, they are doing it Fri-Sun throughout August.

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        Had a chile relleno at Arriba made from one of the Hatch chiles today. It was the most incendiary chile relleno I've ever had. Absolutely delicious.

        Also, adding the place for Guadalupe Farmer's Market, which is mentioned below and is among my favorite places to buy produce.

        Guadalupe Farmer's Market
        9210 S Avenida, Del Yaqui Guadalupe, AZ

    2. Stock up for the long winter!

      1. Sorry to go slightly off-topic, but does anyone know if someone at the Phx Public Market will be selling fresh NM chiles this year? By dumb luck, my partner was able to pick up a huge sack of them from a vendor there last year.

        From what she has told me, it sounds like the guy took orders from people ahead of time and brought the chiles to the market for them to pick up. Does this ring a bell for anyone?

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          For fresh ones, Sunflower Markets has them in their sale flyer for 77 cents a pound. I live in Tucson, but just checked their website, and they're also shown for PHX stores. Havn't seen any roasters here yet. Seems to be a bit early. I usually get a batch at the Rincon Farmer's Market here on the eastside of Tucson, but that won't be until late Sept-early Oct. Head down towards s. Central after Labor Day and keep your windows down, you'll find the roasters, no problem....

        2. Thanks for posting this! I was starting to think about the Hatch chiles and when DH might eb able to start making some batches of green chile.

          Have you seen outside roasting at both the Food City and PRM? on weekdays at all? I'd love to be able to pick some up at the Food City here by my house and save the drive downtown...though a field trip to PRM is never a bad thing either.

          1. Are we talking weekends only? I was at Ranch today (wed.) and also passed a couple of Food Cities and saw no roasting going on. I might have to swing by Arribas as I recall them doing it... but is it every day or only on Sat/Sun? Thanks!

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              According to their website, Arriba is roasting Fri-Sun during the month of August.


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                Yes, it's just the weekends. Sorry for the confusion.

                Also, if anyone happens to be heading up to the rim country on the weekends, there is a man who sets up shop just as you roll into Payson. His family has been doing this since I was a kid and we used to go to Payson every Labor Day. The last time I went up was two years ago, but he was there.

              2. I am new to Hatch chiles... Once you get them, what do you do with them? Freeze? Make a sauce, then freeze?

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                  With fresh chiles, we usually roast them, let them cool on racks, put them into Ziplocs, and then freeze them for later use in sauces, rellenos, chile verde, etc.

                  If I were buying pre-roasted chiles that had been peeled, I would attempt to freeze them in 1-chile deep layers separated by sheets of plastic wrap.

                  If I didn't care about leaving the peeled chiles whole, I would removed the stems and seed, chop the chiles, and store the chiles in the freezer. Some people like to freeze the chopped chiles in ice cube trays and then pop the frozen chile cubes into Ziplocs or other airtight containers, but of course, you can freeze them in whatever portion size makes sense for the uses you want to put them to.

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                    So, when you buy them from the roaster, are they already peeled?
                    Thanks for the help!

                    1. re: hollyeve

                      The roaster blackens up the skins and cooks the chile lightly. Usually by the time you get them home, they'll be nice a steamed. You just freeze them unpeeled. Thaw when you need them, slip the skins off, deseed and use.

                2. A case arrived on my doorstep courtesy Fed Ex and a cousin in San Antonio this afternoon. Chiles rellenos for dinner tonight, I;ll process the rest tomorrow and freeze them . Indiana does not grow good Hatch chiles

                  1. Did a quick cruise for roasters today. Didn't see any at the Food City on Baseline (Tempe), but the Guadalupe Farmer's Market is roasting #30 bags for $28-30 dollars ($22 unroasted).

                    1. I just called the Guadalupe Farmer's Market and they are available now. Even if you're in a hurry to get the chiles, watch the 25 mph speed limit!!!

                      9210 S Avenida del Yaqui
                      Guadalupe, AZ 85283 (480) 730-1945

                      1. Ask at your local Food City, they may be roasting on different days. At the Food City in Apache Junction they're roasting Sat., Sun., & Mondays. Ready at 11 AM.