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Aug 22, 2007 08:42 AM

Eating at a bar in Toronto

We will be in Toronto for a Sunday evening and Monday evening early September (we work in restaurants ourselves so it is the only time we can go!) Susar or Perigee are a bit pricey for us but we would still like to eat some exciting food. We love sitting at a bar and ordering a few small plates and trying wine. We might even do this at a couple different places in one evening. I am looking for delicious small plates not over $15 each, cocktails/wine not over $10, and a relaxing, not too crowded bar atmosphere. The type of food does not matter since we might be at 5-6 different places in 2-3 days so we can try different things. Within walking distance of King/Queen/Yonge would be a plus.


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  1. Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar:

    Beerbistro is not officially small plates, but good food where you can order appetizers and good beer in a nice atmosphere:

    Both of these places will not be too busy on a Sunday or Monday.

    you might also want to try Kultura:
    Haven't been, but have heard good things.

    1. You should definitely go sit at the bar at Jamie Kennedy's Wine Bar. Fits your parameters exactly.

      I'd also suggest Torito in Kensington Market for yummy Spanish tapas and a pitcher of sangria.

      Neither place takes reservations, you just walk in.

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        Thank you. I look forward to hearing more. Would love a suggestion for sushi that is reasonable and offers a pleasant place to sit at a bar.

        1. re: JazzyK

          I like Takesushi at Front and Yonge:
          There's also Blowfish:

          Both are closed on Sunday, but open Monday.

      2. Check hours....of course JKWB, Trevor for the bar side & food is actually good; 3 mini-burgers or steak tartar tacos, Coca does basically what you described, Terroni on Yonge grab a pizza to share...oysters somewhere like Rodneys...

        1. On Queen West, you might try Banu Iranian vodka bar

          which is right down the street from Coca (another Spanish tapas bar).

          It's a little isolated, but Senhor Antonio's, the tapas-y arm of Chiado has some interesting Portugese offerings... and to get there you would pass by the "Little Italy" strip of College Street where you might find something interesting. It's also nearby Karuchie was getting some good reviews (I've never been).

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            You might like Chehosky's as well on Queen St. West.

          2. I second JKWB and Beerbistro - check their hours.

            Also, the Drake has 'industry night' on Mondays, which I believe gives a discount to those in the industry (bring a paystub). You could sit at the bar there, have some decent food and socialize with your type. They have a varied menu, including sushi. It's a popular, 'hip' spot in a great neighborhood, accessible by streetcar.