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Aug 22, 2007 08:24 AM

5 Best Dining experiences in London

I will be in london next week and my sole purpose will be the dining. what are the absolute 5 best dining options? I have my thoughts which are the easy obvious; nobu, fat duck, gordon ramsay, fifteen, st john, roka. whats missing from the list that i should not miss??

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  1. Forget Nobu. Seriously overrated.

    I'd go to the restaurant in the Capital Hotel.

    Also, I think somehow affiliated with Gordon Ramsey but not sure the connection, Petrus is awesome. But I heard it moved, not been in a few years and was at old location.

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      I second both the Capitol and Petrus (at the Berkeley Hotel). Both excellent! and I recommend Zaffirano.

    2. I had a fantastic meal at Blake's Hotel, but that was about a year ago. Things change, and I don't know if the quality is as it was then. If you can't get into Fat Duck, have a nice day near Windsor and try the pub next door - also owned by Blumenthal. I've had two terrific lunches there. It's fairly empty this time of year.

      1. I would suggest seeking out the classic Fish & Chips restaurant. London is great for that. Here's a list with neighborhood locations:,UK_-_Eng...

        I have been to Geale's. Delicious, affordable, classic F&C.

        1. You might want to consider the refurbished Scotts. I had lunch there a couple of days ago and was seriously impressed - both by the quality of the food (technically faultless and absolutely spot on ingredient sourcing) and the fantastic dining room. Wallet breaking, though. Not sure whether Corrigan's found his form again, but Lindsey House used to be stellar IMHO. And there's a rumour that Pierre Koffman's mentoring on site (if not cooking) at Bleeding Heart. Maybe worth a lunch there to find out :)

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            What is the name of Richard Corrigan's latest restaurant in London... i.e. where he is cooking. Thanks. I can't keep up with these chefs!

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              Bentley's, in Swallow St. Not tried it yet, but hear variable reviews.

          2. I take it you've made some reservations for some of the higher end places you mention? You may struggle to get a table otherwise at short notice or, at best, be required to eat at inconvenient times.

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              thank you all for the help!!! looking forward to the london dining!!