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Aug 22, 2007 07:55 AM

Want Le Creuset, have no $$, alternatives???

Hi all-

I am just starting out with my second, more grown up place (I couldn't afford a nice place right out of college) Now I am investing in long term homeware like silverware and pots and pans. I had no idea how expensive it all is!!!

I would like to get a big Le Creusat oval dutch oven bc you can use it for stove top skilleting word?) and cooking roasts etc... in the oven- plus, I can get it in blue to match my kitchen!!

Anyway, I will probably end up getting the le creusat but the ones I want are all $280 and over, for ONE pot.

Does anyone have advice about alternative brands, or do you think I should just save up bc it's worth it?

Thank you!

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  1. I would save up, but also look at discount stores, and try to check out a LC outlet. I'd buy a round one before I bought an oval one - I think you'll get more even heat on the stove top w/ the round one.

    1. I got about 1/2 my LC at T J Maxx. The other half at LC outlets. Never paid full price.

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      1. I recently bought my second Mario Batali -- a risotto/saucier. I've had the dutch oven for almost a year now. It was much less $$ than the Le Creusat. The quality looks very good and I've been very happy with both my pots. I don't know what sizes are available but it may be worth checking out.

        I used my AMEX points to get Fortunoff gift cards to pay each time -- so there was no money out of pocket...

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        1. re: kavikat

          The Mario Batali pots are actually made by Le Creuset. Same stuff, just different branding. I actually prefer my Batali dutch oven because it has the little "nipples" in the lid that condensation drips back from.

          Does that make sense?

          1. re: tzurriz

            How do you know it is made by LC? I did some research when I was in the market for a dutch oven and to me it seems that the Mario Batali products are made by Copco. Just wondering what your source was.


            1. re: scorpioscuba

              I don't remember, I think it was in the packaging that came with the pot.

            2. re: tzurriz

              No, they're made by Copco. This is on the box.

          2. I have bought Le Creuset on EBay for significant savings.

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            1. re: Megiac

              I bought a 5 qt. round one from Ebay as well for a lot off the original price.

              And definitely save up -- they are worth it. Or wait until Christmas/Hanukkah -- only a few months away and someone is bound to ask you what you want!

              1. re: valerie

                Good Call! : )

                Thank you everyone for the great advice!! I appreciate it

            2. I have 2 Mario Batali cast iron/enameled pots -- a dutch oven and a saucier. I've been very happy with both. They are less $ than the LC. I picked both of them up at Fortunoff.

              I used AMEX points to purchase Fortunoff gift cards to pay for them -- hence no money out of pocket...