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Aug 22, 2007 07:48 AM

Trying to impress a very attractive Woman

I recently met a woman who is way out of my league, but for some reason she likes me ... maybe she was drunk. Anyways, I am taking her out to dinner and would appreciate some suggestions on a very romantic restaurant. I do not mind spending money, but I am also not looking for something in The Fountain, Vetri, Le Bec Fin price range.

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  1. You should go to Matyson since the food is incredible and it does not break the bank. Bring a great bottle of champagne and red wine. But, it can get super crowded on the weekends.

    1. Matyson may have incredible food but I don't think it is very romantic. Does it have to be center city Philadelphia? I was thinking of Gilmore's in West Chester (not that hard to get into during the week). Also byob. Ask for one of the two-tops by the fireplace. The table for two in the window of Pif would have been my first choice but that is no longer is an option. :-(

      1. I can't be certain if she was out of his league, but my son recently impressed a woman by taking her to Brasserie Perrier.

        1. It depends on the person. The wife and I have been enjoying Osteria on Sunday evenings between 8:30 and 9:00 lately. It isn't too crowded then and all of the servers are friendly (and fun) and know the food. Yes the food! As you probably know Osteria is Italian (but not "red sauce" Italian). I really like the funky wine list (e.g. Sardegna is represented) as well. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. We really like it. It should be impressive enough without going over the top and obvious (which would be a bad move in my opinion). Most importantly: act like you've been there before.

          1. Find out what type of wine she likes and then go to Chloe between 2nd and 3rd on Arch.
            Nice romantic place, varied food selection, BYO and won't break the bank.


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              Chloe is a great suggestion. Don't know if you're going on a weekend but they don't take reservations and it's difficult to get in after around 5:30pm on a Saturday night. Or it used to be. Haven't checked lately. What about Le Bar Lyonnais, downstairs from Le Bec Fin?

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                Chloe is perfect. Simple. Not too expensive. Incredibly romantic but accesible.