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Aug 22, 2007 07:43 AM

1 night only in Raleigh/Durham

Well, sort of but not really. I've been coming down to the area for work on a regular basis, but either haven't had much of a chance to get out, or have had to go to all the crappy chains that the client wants to go. My last night in town in Friday and I want to take myself to one of the many places I've accumulated on my list. I am a vegetarian looking for something a bit more upscale with a focus on local ingredients, and with a nice wine by the glass list. It's also important that this place will be accommodating to a lone diner on a Friday night - preferably at the bar. Here are the places I'm thinking:

Frazier's - looks like they'll do a veggie tasting menu if I call in advance.

Piedmont - everyone raves about this place, and the wine list looks fantastic. I'm also partial to places that only have one veggie option because it tests the chef's creativity on what is typically the least expensive item on the menu.

Enoteca Vin - Have been here once, but only for the cheese plate. The menu blew me away, as did the wine by the glass list.

An - Heard nothing but rave reviews and would love to find a place that does a creative tofu dish.

Lantern - a possibility, but coming from Raleigh and drinking a bit of wine, I don't really want to have to drive that far.

Comments on the above and other suggestions are welcome. Many thanks!!

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  1. If you're partial to the single veggie offering concept, I recommend Magnolia Grill in Durham. Sit at the bar or one of the deuces in the bar section.

    Vin in Raleigh is another great option.

    Jujube in Chapel Hill is very accommodating for vegetarians and it's easy to get to from the Raleigh area.

    Weathermasta, eh? In the weather biz? I recently worked for a OK and Japan-based company called Weathernews.

    1. Had dinner this past weekend at Enoteca Vin, the food was wonderfull my wife had the mushroom risotto, and it was one of the best I have had. I would recomend that you try dinner there on one fo your vists. My choice was not vegie but also very good.

      1. Of all on the list, Piedmont is the better choice. Vegetarian friendly, and their atmosphere and drink list is better than the others listed, although I can't speak for Lantern. Support the growing restaurant scene in Durham....everything else is a little tired.

        1. If you don't want to come to Chapel Hill, then Jujube and Lantern are out, although both are fairly good options. Piedmont would probably be my choice of the other places you've listed.

          1. Another vote for Piedmont. I've loved it every time (4 times for dinner, 3 for brunch).