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Aug 22, 2007 07:32 AM

Near NYU Cheap Healthy Lunches

I know this topic has been posted several times but I'm wondering if there are any new spots out there that people have frequented. I'm stuck with the same old lunches. These are my regulars:

Think Coffee
Cafe Angelique
Saigon Grill
Red Bamboo

I'd love to hear what other cheap and healthy eats are out there?

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    1. re: eatfood

      I'm open. I like salads, sandwiches, and a lot of things. I like good food though not anything super greasy either.

    2. Sandwiches at Amy's Bread are pretty good.

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      1. re: Lucia

        And I think they're discounted in the late afternoon.

          1. re: newfoodie

            Bleecker right near the intersection w/Cornelia St.

        1. He's all over this board, but I'd like to recommend the Dosa Man (he has a stand on Washington Square South near MacDougal) for great cheap Indian. Little Atlas is also great for salads and sandwiches for reasonable prices (W. 4th between Broadway and Mercer).

          1. I used to go to the M2M Mart by Third North to switch it up every now and again. Their prepared foods can be pretty good. Spice is also very popular for lunch, though I don't think it's all that good. Chino's also has a good lunch special if you're willing to walk a little, though in that neighborhood you might as well also check out the banh mi place on 14th.

            1. Galanga on west 4th by Washington Square for great fresh Thai.

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              1. re: maxine

                Thanks everyone. These suggestions are different from what I've heard previously on this board. Keep em coming!