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Aug 22, 2007 07:25 AM

chowfind needed near 427 and Finch

Looking for a place to have lunch that is near or within driving distance of Finch and 427. I'm going to the Mandir tomorrow and would like to have lunch nearby. I'm not fussy about food though one of my friends is vegetarian and has celiac disease.

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  1. Not much in the area that I'm aware of. You can try Verdi which is at 3550 Derry Rd E, which is around 427 & Derry, one exit south of Finch. It's actually a large banquet hall but has a small but very good Italian restaurant attached to it. I've been there for lunch several times and the food is suprisingly good. The room is formal and very nice, Service is professional but slow, at least for lunch time. Try calling them at 416.675.6756 to make sure they are still open for lunch. You can check their web site for pictures but no menu unfortunately

    There are plenty of Indian restaurants in the area, but I would not be able to recommend any specific place.

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    1. re: Jean Georges

      Really? i think there is plenty in the area. I think this is a great hood for cheap & excellent chowfinds. I suggest you go hunting.

      there are great roti, doubles, samosas, indian sweets, kabab rolls, guyanese bbq, shawarmas, the list goes on.


      1. re: HarryLloyd

        Without knowing the area, I wouldn't even know where to start hunting. So if you know of a great spot, I hope that you can share from your experience.