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Aug 22, 2007 07:15 AM

Dinner in NE Philly w/ a picky grandmother

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm running out of places to eat with her and I can't do another meal at Famous Deli, Bennies, or any other jewish-style deli/restaurant. She's an old school Jewish grandmother who leans towards corned beef, whitefish salad, knishes. We've gone to Country Club, Franks, Jack's. She's not into ethnic foods.

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  1. Stevie Stein's on Krewstown Road.

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      isn't Stevie Stein's the same as Famous Deli? I would suggest Andonio's on Krewstown Road. My folks refer to it as "their kitchen".

    2. Take her to Picanha on Castor Avenue, which used to be the Gingham House. She'll enjoy the salad bar, and selected slices of meat.

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        I persuaded her one day to go to Picanha, and she basically ate nothing but the salad. I really enjoyed it though, but it's not g-mom's thing

      2. does it have to be in the northeast?

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          Unfortunately yes. She does drive, and we live in South Jersey. So, to pick her up and then drive into center city and drive back, drop her off and head home leads to a very long night.

        2. I am so all over this! I grew up in NE/Bustleton and go back to visit my mom often. Stein's in Krewstown is indeed a fantastic recommendation for good Jewish food.But I understand you've had your fill! I'd also recommend Gallo's on the Blvd, Nichol's seafood on Castor, and Kelly's seafood on Bustleton.
          Just for a change of scenery, but sticking with Jewish/diner food, there's Tiffany's at Welsh and the Blvd.
          Of these suggestions, Gallo's is my favorite. The last time I was there I had fantastic crab cakes (with salad and 2 sides).


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            thanks! I'll be ready the next time we have dinner, probably next week, and hit her with those choices. She does enjoy a good crab cake.

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              gallo's is grandma dinner centrel...u can't go wrong there

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                Ha! Hasn't Gallo's come a long way since it first opened on the blvd.? It was a total blue hair place, but has undergone expansions and upgrades to the interior. It's actually quite a nice atmoshere now, and has retained good prices.
                Their website is slick too!