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Aug 22, 2007 06:48 AM

Best sandwich to be found in midtown that would hold up after a 2 hour train ride

I will be in midtown running some errands and need to pick up a good sandwich that would survive a 2 hour train ride and still taste good after. This is for a person who loves pork and all kinds of offal and doesn't get to NYC that often.

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  1. We had to drive to lake placid a while back and wanted a nice road snack. I went to Faicco's on Bleecker between Leroy and Morton which has the best pork sandwich in town for the trip. I get the pork sandwich with pepperchinis or jalepeno's and they slice the pork loin thinly and layer it on a sesame hero. They dig out the fluffy middle bread to make room for more pork and some vinegar. I love hot peppers and they put some nice ones in this sandwich. Grab a number when you walk in. They always ask "what else" after they finish your order no matter how much you buy. Just ignore em.

    If the person likes offal ... well there's a reason they call it that.