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Aug 22, 2007 06:47 AM

Healthy Pancakes

I am looking for healthy delicious pancakes, made from oatmeal or whole weat. I can't seem to find any "go-to" places for healthy pancakes in the city. Thanks everybody.

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  1. What about The Pump or Energy Kitchen?

    1. Souen used to serve several kinds of pancakes at brunch that were probably healthy. I thought the rice flour one tasted like a styrofoam cup. But of course, opinions vary.

      1. Josie's on 3rd Ave (and 30-something St.) has multigrain pancakes. Pretty expensive though. Some Polish/Ukrainian diners in the East Village have buckwheat pancakes - Little Poland comes to mind.

        But the easiest thing to do is probably buy some whole grain pancake mix or flour from Trader Joe's/Whole Foods and make them yourself. Probably a lot cheaper and healthier that way.

        1. It seems like a lot of diners actually serve whole wheat pancakes, like the globe on ~48th and 9th. What's more interesting and more difficult to find are buckwheat pancakes. Anyone seen any?

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            Ohhhhhhhh buckwheat! Would love to find some of them, myself!

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              I just mentioned buckwheat pancakes right above your post!

            2. I think Good Enough To Eat serves whole wheat pancakes.