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Aug 22, 2007 05:56 AM

Looking for great breakfast spot in Cambridge

We will be in Cambridge for four nights staying at the Hotel Marlowe (next to Cambridgeside Galleria). We are looking for some great breakfast spots within walking distance to the hotel. Also, I am looking for three dinner recs as well. I would like to avoid really, really high end but middle range is great. Any cuisine other than Indian. Thanks in advance.

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  1. If you don't mind a long-ish walk, you could head over the bridge to Charles Street in Boston to the Paramount, which has excellent breakfasts. Otherwise, you might be stuck looking at breakfast in one of the several hotels around where you are (not a whole lot in that neighborhood).

    For dinner, it's a short bus/cab ride or a 20-minute walk to places in Inman Square. There are some good spots there, including:

    Magnolia's (Southern cuisine)
    Midwest Grill (Brazilian)
    All Star Sandwich Bar
    Montien (Thai)
    B-Side (comfort food)
    Oleana (Mediterranean)

    1. For dinner, the Helmand is a wonderful Afghani restaurant about two blocks away from the Marlowe.

      1. About a 10 min walk down Cambridge St. is a semi greasy spoon deli on the corner of 3rd whose name escapes me. Probably the closest thing around for basic breakfast, unless Boca Grande on 1st does breakfast burritos. Oh, 2nd St. Cafe probably has some breakfast options, that's a 5 min walk away. A little further away, Miracle of Science serves breakfast daily.