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Aug 22, 2007 05:55 AM

Ivy last nite

After a zip thru Filene's Basement (man, it's getting very depressing in there and life will not be the same for me with both Filene's and the Basement closed), I met a friend at the bar of Ivy. Front booths were filled, a few others at the bar, not sure how crowded the upstairs was. The bartenders were very nice but a little spacey. I ordered my mango martini then they forgot about P. who finally got a basic/real one. We asked for thoughts on the menu but one of the guys was being trained so the other dude basically said everything's good. Thankfully, that turned out to be the case. We split the mac & cheese, a side of grilled asparagus and the scallops. Mac could have been a tad creamier but was pretty tasty, nicely done asparagus (6 spears for $5) and the scallops were great. Two giant sea scallops with some artichoke, pancetta and a light sauce of some sort. With a little bread & olive oil, I was full but P. got a slice of choc. cake that was decent. All that plus one glass of red wine came to $66 w/ tax.

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  1. I had one great meal there a while back, then one of the worst meals I've had in Boston.

    1. I was there last week and I had what on the menu said yellow and red roasted beet salad with goat cheese. There were no yellow beets and they were not roasted either. They were of very poor quality. I am not sure if it was a shift change or what but I believe the manager was behind the bar pouring drinks and seemed very out of his element.This was my second attempt at The Ivy and not sure if I will be back for a third.

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        can't imagine this place is going to make it. I have been there three times with larger groups, and each time swore I'd never go back. This time, I mean it! The food is ehh, and the service is the worst! slow, indifferent, and they never give recs, which is one of my biggest server pet peeves. I think not to worry, though; when I was there a few weeks ago on a Friday night it was emp-ty!

      2. I have been generally pleased with Ivy, but it has been a few months since my last visit, perhaps there is a downward trend. What I like about Ivy is that I consider it a "safe haven" when I'm dining with a group who may not be CH types. Everything is very approachable (I lean towards a smattering of small plates) And on past visits I have found the offerings to be quite good. Pair that with the mostly $26 or $28 selections of lesser known yet interesting wines and I think it is a great value.

        That being said, it is not a place that my wife and I consider when going to dinner alone, but we do enjoy it with a group. The waitstaff is young but competent and it is very reasonably priced on a per person basis, including wine (keeping in mind we sway towards the small plates).

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          My husband and I have been there about 4 times, and never had a bad meal. The arancini are delicious, also like the mac&cheese, mini steak&cheeses, and love the flat pricing scale for a bottle of wine. All around good food and decent wine selection at reasonable prices. I hope it sticks around.

        2. My lovely wife, er, “DC” went to Ivy last night and then I read these posts this morning. I’m glad I did it in that order; we had a wonderful meal and were very impressed.

          The small plates allow great flexibility especially if you are willing to share. The $26 wine list is a tremendous value. We sat downstairs - it is a beautiful if unconventional space, huge block granite walls, sophisticated lighting and décor.

          We had fried scallops (awesome), grilled eggplant, pasta Bolognese, seared tuna w/ blood orange sauce (awesome), and the grilled shrimp salad. We were stuffed, if we did it again we’d have ordered four rather than five dishes.

          I’d *highly* recommend Ivy. Between it and Silvertone (another new favorite) I am beginning to think this whole ‘ladder’ district thing may be real.