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Why didn't anyone tell me about the glory that is a Violet Crumble?

Out of sheer curiosity, I picked up a Violet Crumble candy bar at the local gourmet store. I had no idea what to expect. Was it violet flavored? Did it have the consistency of a Butterfinger? What exactly was I getting myself into?

Something wonderful. I can't exactly explain the insides. Puffy and crispy, yet eventually chewy. Sweet and almost an underlying caramel note. Smooth milk chocolate covering the whole thing.

Why didn't I know about this before? I envy you Aussies who have the V.C. at your fingertips...as I need to search one out here in Texas.

Sigh...I want another...

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  1. Man, I know, those things are delectable. Our mom used to put them in our stocking when we were a kid, so we got to cherish them one time a year. You can sometimes get "honeycomb" in odd-shaped block form at those homestyle candy shoppes, but rarely is it the light consistency of a Violet Crumble.

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      You can find Violet Crumble at World Market:

      We learned to love them thru some Aussie friends.

    2. QueenB, lots of online places to buy them:



      But best of all - in San Antonio, there's an Australian shop with them! http://about-australia-shop.com/nestl... But a box of 42 of them for $66.00 - out of stock. :-(

      1. violet crumble's can be found at most Central Markets here in TX

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          That's where I bought mine.
          I just wish I could pop by the local grocery instead of making the half hour drive to CM or WM.

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            I've seen them at Whole Foods if that is closer. Back in IL i could buy them in the regular grocery but I haven't seen them here. Oh yeah also at the candy store in the mall here in Temple they carry them. So maybe check a local mall if it is handier.

        2. Jason's Deli used to sell Violet Crumbles as well. I would often pop in and buy several at a time when passing one.

          1. The same idea, in smaller bite-size pieces, is sold in places (e.g., northern Michigan) as Sea Foam. Check www.kilwins.com.

            1. Aren't they just lovely?

              Now, have you had the Wunderbar? Kind of a little bit like butterfinger but with a caramel element, and it's not crispy, but chewy filling.... a new discovery for me.

              1. They remind me quite a bit of a Cadbury Crunchie. It's the honeycomb center that is just so delicately tasty. You can find Crunchies at an English import store. Violet Crumbles can be found, as noted by others, at World Market or upscale grocery stores.

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                  If you can get them, the Crunchie bar is indupitably superior to a Violet Crumble - it's the same basic recipe, but Crunchies have more of a honey flavour and are a bit softer so they melt in your mouth... delicious! I occasionally get one from the local English Shop for a treat. It's one of those treats that I really wish they made in the US so I could get it more often!

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                    My waistline is quite happy that they aren't easy to get in the US! ;) My parents go to Ireland annually and are in the habit of bringing home a case of Crunchies. It was too tempting when I lived at home.

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                      I just bought a Violet Crumble at the Super Stop and Shop on Union Turnpike in Queens, New York. They have them in what looks like a Commonwealth section in the International foods aisle along with Marmite, tins of Heinz Treacle Sponge Pudding, etc.

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                      I just bought a Cadbury Crunchie in a store in Quechee, VT yesterday while I was playing hooky from work and doing some antiquing. The store is http://www.scotlandbytheyard.com/inde... - turned out the Quechee Highlands Festival is today!

                      Haven't tried the Crunchie yet - it's sitting on the counter staring at me when I go in for my coffee. :-)

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                        I love Crunchie bars! Man, they are good. :-) For a brief time Cadbury also made a mint crunchie. Sheer heaven. How I wish they'd bring it back.

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                        Cadbury Crunchie bars are also made in Canada. They are addictive.

                      3. When I lived in Australia years ago, my two favorite candy bars were Violet Crumble and Cherry Ripe.

                        I also remember getting bags of honeycomb (essentially the same as the inside of a VC) from time to time. Has anyone seen honeycomb in the US? I sure haven't.

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                          We get 'sponge candy' when we visit Buffalo NY - but it's only made during the cold weather months.

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                            I first had a Violet Crumble courtesy of a friend in Australia who mailed me them and her recipe for Violet Crumble pancakes. I had them frozen until just recently, when I used up the last one.

                            Well, lo and behold, Stop and Shop now carries them in the international food aisle, along with my beloved McVitie's Hobnobs.

                            The bad? The U.S. version is twice the price and half the size. The good? They still make a dynamite pancake and an equally good waffle. The odd? I don't like them on their own.

                            I've yet to use them in chocolate chip cookies, but I bet they'd be good there too.

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                            Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory sells Honeycomb in the US, and Nigella Lawson has a recipe for it in How to Be a Domestic Goddess. I've yet to try it, but if memory serves it is basically soda bicarb, water and maybe Golden Syrup? After it cools you dip it in melted chocolate. I'm curious if anyone else has tried to make it. It looked very simple.

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                              I make "Honeycomb" candy (where I'm from we call it hokey pokey) quite frequently, it's very easy, the only thing you really have to concentrate on is not burning the sugar and golden syrup mixture. My husband is fully addicted to the stuff now. In NZ there is hokey pokey ice cream, which is small balls of honeycomb in vanilla ice cream. I'm drooling just thinking about it.
                              I'd vote for crunchies over violet crumbles any day.

                          3. Gosh, I spent 4 years in Australia when I was growing up. I had forgotten what a treat Violet Crumble bars were. Thanks for the memory!

                            1. My daughter spent part of her summer last year in Australia, and developed quite a sweet tooth for Violet Crumble, and luckily Mrs. ricepad found some locally (Cost Plus World Market, IIRC). Also fortunately, we have NOT been able to locate musk-flavored LifeSavers!

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                                I just purchased one from Cost Plus/World Market yesterday. I had big plans for when I would eat it this week (save it for Friday; saveit for a bad day; a post-run treat, etc). It lasted all of 1 hour in my house before i devoured it while watching What Not to Wear. Too damn tasty,

                              2. Why is the first time I've noticed this post? I love Violet Crumble and haven't had one in years. But, I do have a couple of stores nearby that sell them. So thanks for the return of a sweet childhood.

                                Now if only they can bring back Bar None candy bar!

                                1. Try a LION chocolate bar from the UK, also quite tasty!

                                  1. When I tried one, I found myself wondering what the big deal was- it's sea foam candy reshaped into a candy bar size. Tasty enough, but it didn't live up to the hype for me.

                                    1. I grew up with Crunchie bars everywhere (Toronto), but have noticed the Violet Crumble in the local Sugar Mountain store. I will try it, unless it has a peanut-butter flavour.