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Aug 22, 2007 05:48 AM

Tuscany at Mohegan Sun?

I searched the boards but all posts about Tuscany were from 2005 and earlier. I am looking for a restaurant at the casino that is worthy of a celebratory dinner (anniversary). I have been to Michael Jordan's countless times so it is time for a change. How is Tuscany in regards to ambiance, food quality, etc? Any can't-miss dishes?

Are the portion sizes out of control (a la MJ's)? My biggest complaint about MJ's is I can only eat about 1/3 of a steak there and they don't offer any smaller portions (in the restaurant, not the Sports Cafe). Normally I would take it home, but it isn't practical while walking around a casino.

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  1. I visited Tuscany with someone who was a chef there and the staff knew he was eating...and still the meal was about a c plus.

    Apparently they rarely see the prime guy...(Todd English?) who has passed the reins to the in house guy and they do alot of pre cooking of foods...remember alot of stuff at the casino;s comes via the the butter at Tuscany is probablyt the same as the buffet on the concourse.

    I ordered Pork Chops (first time ever in a restaurant) and they tasted and chewed like shoe leather...there were some good things...apps were good...desserts were poor.

    Other dinners were OK...salmon was best of the day...

    it seemed like they had kids cooking in the kitchen.

    The treatment of the employees at all the restaurants at the casinos means that rarely do they get time to relax or have a day off...50 to 60 hours weeks can be the norm and even higher with mandated the frantic astmosphere means that the emphasis needed on preparing really good food is burned away pretty food.

    Hate to be negative but I have never had a complaint about Michael are right...hard to screw up a steak...but maybe Tuscany should consider doing less complicated foods until they learn how to prepare and serve it.

    1. For a special anniversary meal, I would go to Rain. MJ's is good food, but my personal opinion is that a "He-Man Steakhouse" full of sports memorabilia is antithetical to a romantic anniversary dinner. Of course, that is indeed a personal opinion.

      I have tried Tuscany, vowing never to go back, and then broke my rule and tried it again. I was right the first time. Todd English never "passed the reins", as he never had them in the first place. I have enjoyed several TE "satellite" restaurants. (Olive's in Aspen and Blue Zoo in Disney World are great). But he should be embarrassed to have his name on this one.

      Rain is pricey, but hey! It's your anniversary. By the time you finish paying for sides and all the a la carte stuff at MJ's, Rain isn't really any more expensive. The food and atmosphere are worth the price, once in a while.

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        I am 90% sure that Rain is closed. They are putting another food court in or something. This is very disappointing to me since I never had a chance to eat there. Went to Michael Jordan's Steak house for my anniversary in april. I thought the service was not worthy of the price. Salad and appetizers were good. Sides were good. Liked the lobster mashed potatoes. Steaks were terrible. We both had the cowboy cut rib eye. Crust on the outside was very blackened. steak was much tougher than I would have expected. Burnt flavor of crust took away form flavor. Delmonico in Vegas was MUCH better. My experience with mohegan sun food is not good. Almost every meal has been a disappointment. I have had some okay meals at mj cafe and bubba's bbq(everything tastes as if it is frozen there). Best food I had there was pizza at the irish pub. the pizza is similar to a new haven style (thin crunchy crust).

        1. All the fine casino dining seems to be happening in Vegas--when you're stuck in the woods in CT, you're a captive audience. I checked out the website--why are there TWO Italian restos at Mohegan? Pompeii and Caesar sounds like more fun--how badly can they screw up chicken parm? The Lobster Fra Diavolo for 80 bucks is tempting.

          1. Tuscany's food won't win any rewards but the setting, for a casino restaurant is certainly spectacular with the faux waterfall overhead and the huge multimillion dollar Murano glass sculpture in the mall courtyard. I've had lunches and one dinner and to be honest, the flatbreads (thin crispy pizzas) are the only thing that actually reminded me of Italy. Maybe you could start there for drinks or wine and a flatbread and then move to Bamboo Forest for Dim Sum and sushi. Mohegan really caters to their asian clientel so I'm not surprised to find the best food available there. Finish the night with martinis or champagne at Leffingwells, the bar in the crystal mountain under the "stars".

            1. You might consider the Sunday Champagne Brunch at Caesar Pompeii at MS. It is a surprisingly good value and there is a great variety with something to please everyone.


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              1. re: HungryChris

                I'd stay out of the casino. There are a handful of great restaurants just outside the grasp of the casino. Inside the casino, I would go with Rain. Tuscany is a joke (ahem, read my earlier posts on it)

                1. re: ElizabethHenton

                  care to share names of these great restaurants?