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Aug 22, 2007 05:44 AM

Italian in Tribeca?

So ran a quick search but have not had any luck as of yet.

I am trying to find a really interesting (read reasonably-priced) Italian restau in Tribeca for two wayward Toronto 'hounds. (including my director).

I know there is a conversation on Tribeca going on right now but one of the two individuals has a strong dislike of seafood so many of the spots wouldn't work for her.

Any suggestions...?? Help!

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  1. We have 2 favorites in Tribecca. The 1st is Gigino Trattoria at 323 Greenwich & the 2nd is Roc at 190-A Duane Street. Gigino is a little more hopping & Roc is a little more laid back. Both good & moderately priced.

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      We went to Roc this week for the first time. It was good. The music didn't seem to fit an Italian restaurant. The bread basket was really good. A favorite app was the grilled fennel and raddichio salad with orange and cracked black pepper vinaigrette - delicious. The cavatelli with broccoli rabe (sans the sausage that usually accompanies it) was nice. We also had a special which had fish and vegetables, very nice. This is a good neighborhood restaurant. There is also outdoor dining.

    2. You could also go to Lupa which is really not very far away (west village) and will be a lot better than both Gigino and Roc. Gigino is more of a neighborhood Italian place and I don't think Roc is very good. Lupa can be a bit loud, but the food is fantastic.

      1. A TriBeCa outpost of the popular East Village Italian restaurant Max opened earlier this year on Duane St. I have not been, but it has been reviewed favorably on this board.

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          I've been to Max and thought it was a solid neighborhood type place. Certainly not a "destination" place but sometimes location is the prime reason for selecting a place.

        2. you've got Max for sure (but not really interesting), and also that italian restaurant just below spring street, on greenwich. I guess not technically tribeca, but close enough, and its quite good.

          1. Pepolino on West Broadway (I recently saw Mario Batali eating there if that is any endorsement!)
            And just north of Tribeca:
            Aurora on Broome
            Giorgione on Spring

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              I was caught in a thunderstorm a couple of weeks ago and ducked into Pepolino for a plate for pasta and a glass of wine. It was nearly closing time for them, but they seated me quite happily regardless. Service was very casual friendly from a couple of Italian guys on the floor. I felt I owed it to them to order one of their specials -- I got spaghetti with clams in bianco -- it was perfectly executed, but I'm not really sure how you could get something like this wrong.

              Anyway, have been curious what other folks ordered here and whether it was any good.